Health & Lifestyle: 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Salt Lamp #AD

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Health & Lifestyle: 4 Reasons That Everyone Should Have a Salt Lamp
Sometimes a cultural force comes along that is so truly transcendent that it comes to define an entire era, reshaping life as we know it. 

It might be a bit much to think that a little night light-sized salt lamp will do that. 

However, it is true that they’re the toast of the New Age and Alternative Living world today, reshaping those industries and giving others reason to sit up and take notice of these incredible products. 

With their mixture of color and whispers of their soothing sleep-assisting potential, salt lamps are one of today’s trendiest items – and here are four reasons that you’ll absolutely want to be in on that trend. 

Beautiful Exterior 

Let’s just get this out of the way – salt lamps are absolutely stunning to behold. The light filters through the Himalayan salt in just the right way to make the inside glow in a luminescent way that’s unlike anything else. This should be reason enough to get a salt lamp. They’re small enough to fit into any room, and their unique glow is versatile enough to fit in with nearly any type of interior. 

That’s due in no small part to the uniqueness of the salt rocks used in these lamps’ construction. They are just translucent enough to allow light to filter through, while being just opaque enough for that light to show up dimly yet vibrantly beneath the thick tastefully textured, incredibly colorful rocks. 

It’s a far cry from the blasé lampshades of old; that’s for sure. 

Sleep Assistance 

Of course, a chic-looking lamp wouldn’t be enough to catapult something to hit cult status. 

No, what really helps sell the salt lamp mythos is the fact that they are said to be quite beneficial for those looking to get a good night’s sleep. Needless to say, there’s always a huge market for sleep assistance products. Given the frantic, frazzling pace of modern life, someone finding a way to make sleep easier for us to come by can feel like an alchemist discovering the secret of turning tin into gold. 

While scientific studies on its effectiveness are hard to come by, given how subjective sleep aids can be, there’s quite a bit of positive buzz about it, so if you’re desperate to try something new to help you slip off to sleep, salt lamps can be a great choice. 

Soothing Ambience 

This is due in large part to the soothing ambience they create. That aforementioned special balance of dim yet vibrant light is perfect for creating low-lit ambience that is warm, inviting, and yes, soothing. 

If you’re looking to introduce a new sense of ambience into the bedroom, you may want to shelve those candles and give salt lamps a try. 

The Price 

Last but not least, salt lamps have the ever-important factor of price on their side. While prices will naturally vary, they’re nearly always well south of £100, with many high-quality options well shy of £50, making this an experiment that’s easy to afford. 

That low risk factor and the wonderful potential gains make salt maps an experiment well worth experiencing for yourself.

[*AD - This is a sponsored post - photo my own / lamp kindly gifted by Himalayan Salt Lamp UK]

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