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Sunday 1 December 2019

As we couple up, we tend to put our gym routines and morning runs on hold and enjoy the comfortable company of our partners. However, we should all strive to be healthy and strong, no matter what. Unfortunately, if you or your partner isn’t on board with exercising and getting fit, things can get even harder. But, there are many ways you can hit the gym together and make exercising a fun activity that will allow both parties to reap some health benefits. Here’s how to become a fit couple and get healthy together.

Find something you both like 

This is the first and most important part of exercising with a partner, finding something you both like to do. If one of you isn’t enjoying what you’re doing, you can basically forget about reaching your fitness goals as a couple. If your partner loves to hit the weights but you don’t, there’s no point in forcing yourself to do it. You will end up resenting both them and exercising. On the other hand, if you know you both love spending time outdoors, you can grab some mountain bikes and have a vigorous ride in nature. This way, you’ll both feel great after and be able to support each other on your journey. 

Try partner exercises 

While there are plenty of exercises and activities you can do separately, it would be super fun to try some moves that require teamwork. Sure, your SO can spot you while you lift or be a cool chatting partner as you ride bikes, but you can also try some tandem exercises like partner heal taps or partner press and row. Your partner can also help you with stretching or you can finish your workout with a light yoga flow for two. If you love to laugh together, there are various couple’s yoga positions you can try out. 

Be on the same page with nutrition 

If you come home and grab a protein shake while your partner digs into some ham sandwiches and Snickers bars, you’re not going to have a good time. Nutrition is an integral part of getting fit, so don’t let it stand between you and your goals. Make sure you’re both in line when it comes to your daily meals, otherwise, you’re probably going to fall off the wagon and lose all your progress. Make a weekly meal plan you both like and stick to it. 

Treat it like a date 

You can have many date nights at the gym, running at the park or hiking the trail. Instead of bringing your phone, use your workout as an opportunity to catch up, have fun and laugh together. If you’re still in the early stages of your relationship, you might want to take better care of your sweaty feet so that you’re not so embarrassed on your date. But, later on, you’ll both laugh at just how sweaty you got and have a great bonding experience. 

Be open-minded 

While it’s very important to enjoy the activity you’re doing, you also might want to have an open mind. For instance, if you’re into Crossfit and your partner wants to try yoga, make sure not to dismiss it right away. You might really enjoy it, plus compromise is always sexy! 

Don’t compete 

There’s a huge possibility that the male partner will be able to do more push-ups or that the female partner is more flexible, but make sure not to compete and try to keep up. No one has the exact same fitness levels, so if you go too hard, you can end up hurting yourself and putting your fitness plans on hold. 

Be supportive 

Remember that you’re on this journey together and you need to be each other’s cheerleader. If your partner is struggling, don’t tease them. Support your SO and it will make both of you more motivated. Also, if your partner is willing enough to try something new, don’t constantly correct their form and show what they need to do and how—it’s annoying. Instead, try your best to be supportive and they will get the most of their workout even if they are beginners. 

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to pursue your couple fitness goals and you’ll grow to love your workouts for two. Stay motivated and soon you’ll be the best looking couple on the block!

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