Foodie Friday: Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate - Super Choc Bundle review

Friday 12 June 2020

Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate - Super Choc Bundle review
Getting a treat delivered through the post has been one of the few highlights of being in lockdown and a great way to lift your mood when everything seems so overwhelming. Like many, I've used this time to support some of my favourite ethical and independent businesses and this month, I decided to treat myself to Ombar's Super Choc Bundle

If you haven't tried Ombar before, please read this review as fast as humanly possible and put in your order online for one of their Super Choc Bundles - you won't regret it!

Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate - Super Choc Bundle review
Ombar are the crème de la crème of dairy-free chocolate. From the first moment that you savour their impossibly rich and creamy creation, you'll instantly fall in love. Not only is their chocolate vegan-friendly, gluten-free and organic, it's also fair trade (purchasing direct from farmer's co-ops in Ecuador) and made with raw cacao with zero refined sugar. But Ombar doesn't taste like a regular 'healthy' chocolate at all, neither does it taste like a typical dairy-free one. How do they do it then?

Firstly, the use of raw cacao means that there are more polyphenols (the super healthy compounds found in cacao and other plant-based ingredients) in each bar which you won't find in cacao that's been heated at high temperatures or roasted. Secondly, as there's no refined sugar present, the sweetness of the chocolate comes from a little added Coconut Sugar, whilst Creamed Coconut replaces traditional milk solids for a smooth and silky texture. Finally, each Ombar is packed with billions of live cultures (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) for a tasty dose of gut-friendly bacteria.

Ombar is a 'superfood chocolate' and each bar provides a source of Maganese which helps to protect your cells from oxidative stress.

And it's utterly delicious! With 14 flavours to choose from, I knew I had to treat myself to a Super Choc Bundle where you can build your own box of Ombars and choose 8 flavours to try.

Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate - Super Choc Bundle review
What's In My Box?

Ombar Coco Mylk
Coco Mylk is Ombar's lightest and creamiest mylk chocolate - perfect for those who want dairy-free chocolate but aren't a fan of the dark stuff. With 55% raw Cacao, it has a delectable melt-in-the-mouth texture and the natural coconut flavouring comes through the strongest with this one.

Ombar Strawberry Mylk
Coco Mylk's fruity little sister Strawberry Mylk has all the coconutty goodness with a zingy Strawberry flavour blended throughout. It's literally like your favourite childhood strawberry milkshake in bar form - absolute summer heaven.

Ombar Coco 60% 
Coco 60% takes the raw Cacao count up to 60% so that you get a deeper chocolatey flavour than Coco Mylk. I really enjoy a piece of this to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner and with such a rich taste, it's a good one to properly savour.

Ombar Mandarin
Orange chocolate is a classic flavour combination and it doesn't get better than Ombar Mandarin. Smooth and dark with tangy Mandarin and a pinch of tart Cranberry to help zing it up further, this is the one to try if you think you don't like dark chocolate.

Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate - Super Choc Bundle review
Ombar Centres Pistachio
The Ombar Centres bars are a truly special creation and each one has a smooth filling sandwiched between two layers of 60% dark chocolate. As you can see, I chose two of the Pistachio flavour as it's my current favourite and one was just not enough! I could actually eat a whole box of these as that subtle nutty Pistachio centre is to die-for.

Ombar Centres Raspberry & Coconut
Raspberry & Coconut is another fruity and creamy flavour that reminds me of Wimbledon and lazy summer days. The balance of the slightly tangy Raspberry is spot on with the creamy Coconut for a match made in summertime heaven (or all year round, it's that good).

Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla
Finally, my last choice was Coconut & Vanilla from the Centres range. I find that it's one of the more sweeter offerings from Ombar and it really hits the spot when I want a really indulgent and creamy bar of chocolate.

Ombar Super Choc Bundle is £12.74 (8 x 35g bars of your choice) with free UK P&P -

Have you tried Ombar?

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