The Weekend Post: Improving Your Skin While You're Sleeping #AD

Saturday 1 August 2020

Having better skin is a wish that is shared by many people. There is plenty of advice to follow about what products you should be using during the day – but what about improving your skin whilst you sleep? Waking up with better skin feels great, so here are a few tips that can help you achieve this.

Staying Cooler to Reduce Sweating

During sleep, the body still sweats and produces oils, but sweating too much can be bad for the skin. Commonly, sweating a lot during sleep is because you get too hot during the night. Whilst it might be tempting to turn up the air-con, this can actually dry out the skin. Instead, you should consider what you are sleeping on. Different materials are better at wicking away excess heat and controlling the temperature, so if you are someone who gets too hot in their sleep, you should look at your mattress. There are some great mattresses out there, and comparing them and reading reviews will help you to find the best mattress for a hot sleeper like yourself. A cooling mattress can make all the difference, and having a more comfortable mattress will help you sleep better too!
Changing Your Sheets

Upgrading your mattress is a good start, but you could also consider upgrading your sheets. Sheets come in all kinds of designs, but they also come in many materials too. You want your sheets to keep you at a comfortable temperature and to feel nice on the skin, you should avoid fabrics that irritate the skin. Another tip is to wash your sheets more regularly with detergent that is gentle on sensitive skin and allergen free. Washing your pillowcases daily might also be necessary if you suffer with acne, because your face will be touching your pillows every night, so a clean pillowcase to sleep on is important.

A Good Evening Routine

While you sleep, you won’t be drinking water or eating anything, so eating healthily and drinking plenty of fluids is important during the day. If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, your skin will stay more hydrated overnight. Drinking too much water just before bed, though, can be a mistake, as your sleep will be interrupted by bathroom trips during the night! Things such as stress and lack of sleep can have an impact on our skin, so unwinding on an evening and going to bed feeling relaxed will ensure you get a good night’s sleep and you won’t wake up with stress-breakouts. 

Leave-On Skincare

Skincare is important too and there are some great products out there that can do their magic whilst you sleep. During the day, you are more likely to be out or wearing makeup, but overnight you can apply heavy moisturizers and leave-on masks. Whatever skincare range you prefer, all skincare brands offer products that are applied in the evening or overnight, so don’t skip out on them. Choose products that are suitable for your skin type and let them get to work whilst you sleep. Hydrating serums in heavier formulas are perfect for overnight when you don’t need to wear makeup and they take longer to absorb, and there are some great serums and treatments to help clear acne scarring and marks overnight too. Don’t forget about anti-ageing products, as these also come in overnight formulas.

There are lots of things that affect skin, including skincare, diet, hormones and stress, so there are lots of factors you need to pay attention to. Everyone’s skin is different, but hopefully some of these tips can help you keep your skin looking its best.

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