Winter Skincare: Natura Siberica SOS Soothing Night Face Mask + Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch-Effect Mask review

Monday 4 January 2021

Baby, it's cold outside! Whether it's currently snowing where you are, or an icy forecast is on its way to you soon, it's time to reach for those Winter Skincare staples to protect your skin against the freezing temperatures. Here are two mask-style treatments from Natura Siberica to add to your skincare routine this month.

When it comes to cold weather, it's always best to look towards those countries which handle it far better than we do here in the UK! So it's no surprise to learn that my inbox has been inundated with skincare brands that are based in the chilly Nordic countries as well as further east across the icy expanses of Siberia and beyond.

Focusing on the latter, I particularly love an affordable brand called Natura Siberica who ethically work with local tribes across Siberia to wild-harvest the most potent natural and organic ingredients for their products. These adaptogenic herbs and plants contain extraordinary antioxidant properties which help them to survive the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions of Siberia, and in turn, these offer many benefits to the skin to protect it from the same elements.

I've been trialling the following two mask treatments from Natura Siberica since December, and with the recent snowfall across England, it's been the perfect time to put them to the test!

Natura Siberica SOS Soothing Night Face Mask* (50ml, £10.49, link)
An award-winning face mask which was recently shortlisted in the ASOS 2020 Beauty Awards, Natura Siberica's SOS Soothing Night Face Mask is an overnight leave-on treatment mask that you can use once or twice a week whenever your skin is feeling dry, tight, stressed or sensitive. Simply apply to cleansed skin like a normal moisturiser and let it do its magic as you sleep! Key ingredients include everyone's favourite skin hydrator Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Vitamin E, Organic Siberian Pine Oil, Organic Rhodiola and Rose Hydrolate to quickly bring back life to tired, lacklustre complexions. Come the morning, my skin feels as soft as a baby's bum and I've noticed that I need to use far less face oil and moisturiser on the other days of the week following just one treatment with this.

Natura Siberica Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch-Effect Mask* (50ml, £11.49, link)
Give your eyes some TLC this winter with this ingenious Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch-Effect Mask. As the name suggests, this product works in a similar manner to those popular single-use undereye patches that you see all the time on Instagram, but without the plastic waste - win-win! Perfect for sensitive skin, it features many of the same hardworking plant-based actives as the SOS Soothing Night Face Mask, but in a lighter, gel-like texture instead. To use it, just apply a small amount in a thin layer under the eyes and leave on for 10-15 minutes, before gently wiping away with a warm flannel/cotton muslin cloth. It's great for reducing puffiness and relieving tired eyes so they feel soothed and more comfortable. I love it!

Have you tried anything from Natura Siberica?

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