Foodie Friday: 5 Tips All Vegan Beginners Must Follow #AD

Friday 28 May 2021

Veganism is based solely on a plant-based diet. It is a diet from which all foods of animal origin are strictly excluded. While dairy products and eggs are also present in the vegetarian diet, which in turn depends on each individual, the vegan diet is clear - none of the above is consumed, and includes, of course, the elimination of animal products. Among other things, no honey is allowed, and most vegans also avoid wearing clothing and footwear made of animal fur, leather, feathers, and silk. 

Are you thinking of becoming vegan? Read our tips below which will help you turn your great decision into reality.

How to start a vegan diet

You don’t need to become vegan overnight. For many, the transition to veganism is quite difficult, because, in addition to meat, you should also throw out milk, eggs, cheese and other similar products. If you are in this group, try to make the transition easier by throwing the food out one by one. It is recommended to throw out the red meat first, then the chicken, and finally the fish. Finally, leave the milk, eggs, and cheese. The point is that there is no one right path, but it depends on you, your tastes, and habits. Choose the transition that will be easiest for you.

Vegan meat replacement

Although various vegan meat substitutes usually include soy steaks, flakes, chunks, burgers, seitan, and tofu, there is no need to consume them too often. Include them occasionally in your diet and you’ll discover how many meat substitutes can be just as delicious if seasoned well. Prepare soy steaks in a marinade of soy sauce and various spices as desired or check out what's the healthiest rice with which you can make many different dishes.

Friends, colleagues, relatives

Some vegans have experienced many disappointments by switching to a vegan lifestyle, and some have lost many friends. This can happen for many reasons and in many ways. It is possible that these friends were anti-vegan or you are too demanding and strict towards your environment. In the first case, consider that you are winning, and in the second case, I suggest that you read why you should not blame people close to you for their carnism.

Be a change, but don't impose your beliefs

At first, you might encounter a misunderstanding of family, friends, and the environment. They probably won’t understand you at first, will make jokes with you, and engage in discussions. But over time, being vegan will become normal and no one will point it out anymore as something weird or different. Refrain from arguing. No one likes moralizing and imposing. Be understanding and share information with your interlocutor. If you’ve noticed that the conversation could go in a direction you don’t want, give up on further discussions. Debates about ethics never end well. It is important that you change because you have decided so yourself and that you do not impose it on others. With your consistent communication and example, you can influence others without difficult discussions and imposing your views. If someone is interested in a vegan diet, offer to send them links with important information and guidelines.

Supplements - one is mandatory

Although there are divided opinions on the internet and among vegans regarding supplementation, vitamin B12 is the only nutrient not found in plant-origin foods, unless it is enriched with it. Accordingly, vitamin B12 is the only nutrient that is recommended in the form of a supplement, as a spray/pill for all vegans, many vegetarians, and a few carnivores, especially those over 65 years of age.
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