The Weekend Post: 15 Easy Zero Waste Tips for Beginners #AD

Sunday 2 May 2021

There’s a lot of information on how to go zero waste and plastic-free. But if you want to do it perfectly from the beginning, it can be an overwhelming change in your life. So, let’s focus on taking baby steps!

Just like learning a new language or skill, you have to start with the basics and keep practicing every day to improve your performance. And there’s no better day than today to start your zero waste journey!

Would you like to learn 15 useful and easy zero waste tips you can put into practice today? Then, let’s dive right in!

What is Zero Waste?

In simple words, zero waste means sending no waste to landfills or incinerators. Although going completely zero waste sounds impossible, the goal is to reduce as much waste as you can each day! Remember, baby steps.

If you’re wondering why zero waste is important, keep in mind that your waste will affect the environment one way or another. Your trash could end up on the streets or make its way into the ocean! Besides, landfills and incinerators have a huge impact on the environment.

15 Easy Zero Waste Tips for Beginners

The best way to make huge changes is to start with small but consistent steps on a daily basis! After a while, you will realise how much waste you’ve reduced with little effort. To make this possible, check these easy zero waste tips.

1 - Avoid Disposable Items

Avoiding items that will end up as waste is probably the best zero waste tip to bear in mind. You should keep track of the single-use things you discard frequently and find ways to avoid them. Fortunately, you will be able to replace most of them with reusable options! For example, use reusable cutlery to avoid disposable utensils and they will be some of the best eco products you'll ever buy.

2 - Compost

If you can compost at home, why don’t you give it a try? Once you start composting, you will reduce a lot of waste while creating nutrient-rich soil! And more importantly, this zero waste tip is a great way to prevent organic matter from contributing to climate change.

3 - Don’t Forget Your Reusable Grocery Bags

The main point of having reusable bags is using them to avoid plastic bags and paper bags. That said, it’s easy to forget them at home, especially when you’re in a rush. To prevent this, you could place them near your keys or wallet. If you don’t have a reusable bag yet, what are you waiting for?

4 - Buy Loose Produce

When buying veggies and fruits, avoid plastic packaging and buy them loose instead. Cut down on plastic waste with this zero waste tip and pack your veggies in small reusable bags. If the only options available come in plastic packaging, you can visit the farmer’s market to find loose produce!

5 - Ditch Plastic Toothbrushes

An easy zero waste tip to reduce your plastic waste is using a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. Your plastic toothbrush is an item that will stay forever in a landfill or what’s worse, it could end up polluting the ocean. On the other hand, bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

6 - Buy in Bulk

Plastic packaging creates lots of waste, that’s why you should avoid it when possible. A fantastic zero waste tip to reduce plastic packaging is buying in bulk. The good news is that there are many bulk shops you can visit nowadays to buy nuts, cereal, spices, rice, and more!

7 - Say No to Plastic Straws

When ordering a drink, say that you don’t want a plastic straw. Plastic straws are one of the most common items found on beach clean-ups, so it’s important to avoid them. If you’d like to use a straw, bring your own reusable straw!

8 - Repair Damaged Items

Before discarding things that are broken or old, find out if you could repair them or use them for another purpose. With this zero waste tip, your old items will have a second chance and you will prevent waste. Maybe you could even save some money!

9 - Use a Reusable Water Bottle and Travel Mug

Plastic bottles and disposable cups create unnecessary waste you can avoid by using a reusable water bottle and a travel mug. Besides being eco-friendly options, they will keep your water cold and your coffee hot for longer!

10 - Make Some of Your “Convenience Foods”

If you have enough time, get creative and make some of your convenience foods. This zero-waste tip is a wonderful way to avoid packaging and prepare some healthy food options! For example, you can make your own pesto, hummus, jams, cookies, and more!

11 - Pack Your Snacks

Food wrappers are the most commonly found beach trash, so it’s important to reduce this waste. Once in a while, pack a few snacks instead of buying them on the go. Not only will you avoid plastic packaging, but you will also eat healthier!

12 - Learn How to Recycle Properly

Recycling options can vary a lot in different places, so find out what materials you can recycle in your area. This zero-waste tip is key to follow your local guidelines and make sure that your recyclables get recycled!

13 - Bring Your Own Container

If you’re getting takeaway, ask if you can use your lunch box to avoid plastic waste. If you can’t, wash the takeaway container and reuse it for freezing your foods. And don’t forget to use your reusable utensils!

14 - Reuse Glass Jars

Reusing glass jars is one of the most creative zero waste tips. They’re super useful and you will find many ways to reuse them. You can use them to buy in bulk shops, store craft supplies, and more!

15 - Donate Unused Items

If you have a few items that you no longer need or you won’t use any more, don’t send them to landfills. A better zero waste tip would be donating them to a local thrift store instead.

These zero waste tips are small steps in the right direction to reduce your daily waste, so give them a try! 

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