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Monday 6 September 2021


I love dogs more than I like people, and my two fur babies are my pride and joy. But just like having kids, being a dog mama can be tricky at times when you're trying to live more sustainably. Luckily, there are lots of alternatives out there nowadays to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your foot-legged best friends.

Pets Against Plastics is one such online UK store that is helping dog owners to turn the tide against plastic waste. Set up in 2018 by two animal lovers, Lucy and Luke, Pets Against Plastics has blossomed into a thriving online shop where you can find everything you need to make better eco-friendly choices for your pets. From toys and treats, to plastic-free poo bags, bowls and grooming accessories, it's a great place to make planet friendly purchases for both dogs and cats.

They very kindly sent me some of their betsellers to give you an idea of what they stock:-

Denzel's Tropical Bites* (£2.90) and High Protein Soft Baked Chews* (£2.50)

Denzel's are a popular dog treat company who specialise in having all of their products in plastic-free packaging. Instead, the pouches are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and they recommend that you pop these into your regular bin at home as they will break down within just 30 weeks in landfill conditions, as opposed to 300 years for single use plastic pouches. 

My dogs loved the Tropical Bites which are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain low-fat, healthy ingredients such as Coconut, Seaweed, White Fish, Ginger and Mango. The High Protein Soft Baked Chews also went down well as a tasty evening snack and are again made from high quality natural ingredients - in this case a blend of Spinach, Chickpeas and Chicken.

Goodchap's Whitefish Jerky* (£3.50)

Many dogs these days have allergies just like people so natural options like this White Fish Jerky from Goodchap's are a really good alternative to give. High in protein and free from wheat and gluten, these additive-free, 100% whitefish skin pieces are dried and wonderfully chewy for your dogs to enjoy.

The packaging is made from paper which is easily recyclable or compostable.

Fetch It Poo Bags* (£5.49)

Perhaps the single most important eco-friendly switch you can do as a dog owner is to swap your regular plastic poo bags to these Fetch It plastic-free ones. 100% compostable, these poo bags are manufactured from GM-free corn starch with no plastic element at all, despite feeling just like the real thing. Strong and tough, they break down in months and won't leach any harmful chemicals into the environment. Plus they are super cute! 

Shop these products and more at

Are you purchasing more plastic-free items these days?

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