Home Decor: How To Utilise That Blank Wall Space #AD

Tuesday 12 October 2021

When arranging your furniture sometimes you find yourself with a huge blank wall space that looks too empty. However, when you try and fill it with furniture, you may find that it looks too cluttered and cramped! A big blank space can really upset the flow of the room and nag at you every time you see it, wondering what you can do with it. Here are some tips for utilising that wall space without overdoing it.

Artwork or Prints

The most obvious choice for how to decorate a wall is to hang a picture or two. However, this might feel a little boring or basic when you are trying to create a trendy or chic space that accurately reflects your own personal style. You can get your photo printed on wood or order aluminum prints to create a display that is a little different. You can create your own photo collage display with varying sizes or use different coloured frames for a more quirky look. In building up your photo display you can also interpret script or scenic pictures interspersed with your personal photos which can be swapped and rearranged whenever you feel like it.

Hang some wallpaper

Wallpaper does not have to go all around the room, it can be used to create a cool feature wall. Patterned or floral wallpaper makes a blank space appear as though there is more going on without being too busy. A great invention is removable wallpaper which can easily be hung up and torn down without damaging the wall underneath. If you do not fancy the hassle of repapering or maybe you find yourself getting a little bored and like to change things up regularly, this is the perfect solution. This is also a great option for people who are renting because it does not damage the walls meaning you can redecorate without the risk of losing your deposit or upsetting your landlord.

Hang a decorative blanket or tapestry

Hanging a cool tapestry or blanket can be a really interesting alternative to traditional pictures. It can perfectly fit in with a hippie or bohemian vibe but if you pick the right piece it can also really help style a more modern space too. Consider the theme of the rest of the room and shop around for something that you feel will fit in without looking silly.

A mirror

I am obsessed with mirrors when it comes to interior decorating. Mirrors are miracle workers – they create the illusion of more space and make rooms look larger, they reflect light and make the place brighter and they provide a practical purpose too! This is a great choice if the room is already fairly full and you do not want to overcrowd it. Mirrors can also fit into any room and can accommodate any theme or style. Depending on the amount of space you can hang something large and ornate or use a series of smaller mirrors slotted together to create a sleek, modern display.
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