The Weekend Post: Signs You May Need a Boiler Repair Specialist #AD

Sunday 7 November 2021

Keeping your boiler functional can be incredibly important. While many people might consider their needs in the colder weather, you may still require a fully functional boiler in summer too. Depending on the set-up of your home, the boiler may provide you with hot water, either on demand or on a timer, as well as central heating. Considering how unpredictable the summer months may be, it is entirely possible that you could require some level of heating function.

Spotting the different signs that indicate that you may need a boiler repair specialist in Glasgow can help you to rectify any problems before they get worse. This can be especially important when you consider the dangers of gas-related damage and leakage, and how it could affect your home and wellbeing.

Missed Service

In rental properties, landlords are required to have a boiler serviced every 12 months, at the very most. While it might not be a legal requirement for homeowners, it is still a good idea to follow this same rule within your own property. Servicing can help specialists to check that the boiler is working correctly, as well as to identify if any parts are worn, damaged, or need replacing. Theoretically, having a service every 12 months can also help to avoid larger amounts of damage, as problems can be spotted, and rectified, that much sooner.

Chance of Gas Leaks

A gas leak in your home can be a potentially life-threatening situation. While some gases may have a distinct odour, carbon monoxide does not. Having a CO detector in your home can help to alert you of its presence. If an alarm does sound, you should evacuate the property immediately, and call emergency services. This may require a health check for yourself and your family, to see how affected you are, as well as the presence of a boiler engineer who can locate the source of the leak, and put a repair into place.

No Heat

One of the most obvious signs that you may need a repair specialist can be that either your heating or hot water has stopped working. If you have spoken to your service provider and found there is no issue with your supply, and checked that your thermostats are working properly, the next step could be to ask a technician to come and have a look at the boiler itself. This could involve problems with the pressure within the boiler, as well as in the array of pipework both connecting it to the mains outside, and the other areas of your home.

An experienced repair specialist may be able to find and fix a fault quickly, allowing you to get back to your normal life. When you think about the dangers to your health, or even the fire hazard, that a broken boiler may cause, it is evidently clear why you should keep on top of boiler maintenance.

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