Health & Lifestyle: 3 Supplements To Try This Autumn/Winter

Friday 5 November 2021


Give your health a boost this Autumn and Winter with a range of new supplements that you may not have come across before. This edit includes a natural sleeping beauty blend, a herbal tincture for clear skin, and a CBD Oil to help with creativity.

Try For Better Sleep: Complete Me Sleeping Beauty Relaxing Blend* (60 capsules, £14.99, link)

A good night's sleep is not only essential for your physical health so you are well rested to get the most out of your new day, but it's also vital for your mental health as well. Complete Me's Sleeping Beauty Relaxing Blend combines carefully selected vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins B3 and B6, with 5HTP, Lemon Balm and Chamomile, to promote a healthy, good night's sleep. It achieves this by helping the body to naturally relax and unwind, and balances your hormones so you're in the right frame of mind to catch up on those all-important ZZZs. 

How To Use: take two capsules with a glass of water before going to bed. Suitable for vegans, gluten-free, non-GMO and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. 

Try For Clearer Skin: Herbfarmacy Botanicals Dandelion & Burdock Extract* (100ml, £13.50, link)

As many of my regular readers will know, I've been a big fan of Herbfarmacy's skincare for many years now, yet it's only been recently that I discovered that they also sell a range of herbal botanical tinctures so I thought I would check out their organic Dandelion & Burdock Extract. Used for centuries as an internal skin purifier to support the healthy function of the liver and kidneys, extracts of Dandelion and Burdock root have been widely researched as a tonic to help with digestion, and there's been growing evidence that they're beneficial as a way to internally treat common skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. 

How to use: add half a teaspoon to a glass of water or fruit juice and drink two-three times a day. This tincture has a strong earthy and herbal flavour and is suitable for vegans.

Try For Increased Creativity: Amphora Inspire CBD Oil Drops* (30ml, £99.99, link)

New from Amphora is a premium range of high-strength CBD Oil Drops which have been specially formulated to support different aspects of daily life. Each product boasts an impressive high strength of 6000mg CBD Oil; the equivalent of a full dropper's worth of 200mg pure CBD extract, plant-based terpenes, and MCT oil for quick absorption. Unlike cheaper brands, Amphora's CBD is sourced from 100% organically grown hemp and contains no harmful additives. I've been testing out the Inspire CBD Oil Drops that help to promote increased concentration and creativity. It's early days yet, but I'm hopeful it can aid my mind out of its procrastinating ways - we shall see!

How to use: squeeze a dropper full under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds and swallow. Inspire has a slightly citrusy, earthy flavour.

Have you tried any supplements this season?

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