Worth The Hype: Do You Need A Sustainable Waken Mouthwash In Your Daily Routine? Apple & Mint review

Tuesday 18 January 2022


The consumer quest for more sustainable and eco-friendly everyday products is never-ending, and today I wanted to share a quick post about Waken Mouthwash as they have been popping up in my social feeds a lot lately. Are they worth the hype?

It may seem odd to be reading (or in my case, writing) an entire blog post about just one particular mouthwash, yet Waken has been causing quite the stir online since they launched here in the UK two years ago. 

A celebrity favourite, Waken has a luxury range of sustainable products which include mouthwash, toothpaste, lip balms, and associated eco-friendly accessories. The brand is the brainchild of Simon Duffy (founder of the famous Bulldog skincare company) and promises gentle and effective everyday products that also tread lightly on our planet earth.

But is Waken worth the hype? I tried out one of their 'hero' products, the Apple & Mint Mouthwash to find out.


For an eco-friendly brand, you might be wondering why their signature mouthwashes are packaged in plastic, right? Well, this is a pretty interesting discussion point because Waken's mouthwashes were originally packaged in aluminum bottles before the brand decided to make the switch to plastic last year. 

It may sound like a backwards move, yet the switch to these new plastic, BPA-free bottles has actually helped to certify the brand as Carbon Neutral due to the aluminum packaging requiring a lot of external packaging during transit to prevent denting. The change to plastic has also helped to bring the price point of these luxury mouthwashes down from a hideously expensive £8, to a much more reasonable £4.50. In addition, this new PCR plastic is made from a blend of recycled old plastic milk bottles and sugar cane plastic which is better for the environment, and the end product is fully recyclable again. 

Waken has kept the aluminum lid as it is though as plastic tops are notoriously difficult to recycle due to their smaller size.

Waken's mouthwashes are formulated alcohol-free so they don't have that nasty stinging burn that a lot of mainstream mouthwashes possess, and they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The ingredients are mostly natural with the exception of PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (a synthetic emulsifier/surfactant) and Sodium Fluoride. I know that the Sodium Fluoride debate continues to divide people, yet from my own research I personally don't have a problem using it and I often look for it in more natural dental care products as I believe it's useful to keep teeth strong and healthy. Overall, this is not a 100% natural mouthwash, nor does it market itself as one, so it's worth bearing in mind that the 'sustainable' aspect here is purely focused on the packaging.

Flavour & Performance
There are nine different mint-based flavours to explore in Waken's mouthwash range and the one that caught my eye the most was the Apple & Mint. The flavouring is crafted from natural ingredients and it really does have a refreshing zing to it! I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely love waking up with this in the morning. My mouth feels wonderfully fresh and clean which is exactly what I want a mouthwash to do.

Overall Thoughts
Whilst Waken's mouthwashes are not as natural as many would expect, for those looking for a refreshing mouthwash that works well, comes sustainably packaged, is cruelty-free and vegan, and looks very fancy sitting by your bathroom sink, you'll love it. But if you're after a purely natural and fluoride-free option, this isn't for you.

Waken mouthwashes (£4.50, 500ml) are available from various stockists and online via wakencare.com

Have you tried anything from Waken?

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