A Natural & Cruelty Free Alternative To Vaseline: Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatment Will Rescue Dry Lips (And More) This Winter

Thursday 6 January 2022

Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatment review
It's time to step away from those ubiquitous tins of greasy petroleum, and instead, make a more sustainable and natural swap to Beauty Kitchen's wonderful Natruline Lip Treatments.

With temperatures plummeting across the UK and snow on its way, you may be noticing that your skin is feeling drier than usual and needs a little more TLC. Lips especially are at risk of cracking and chapping throughout Winter, but it's easy to keep them happily moisturised thanks to Beauty Kitchen.

Although not a new product, Beauty Kitchen's Nattruline Lip Treatments are new-to-me and they caught my eye in the recent Holland and Barrett sale where I immediately added two to my basket. 

Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatment review
I know what you're thinking; these look uncannily like a certain non-natural brand that has been pushing cheap and nasty mineral oil products onto consumers for over a century, and I doubt that the striking resemblance is a *wink wink* coincidence (well played there Beauty Kitchen!)

The differences, however, are numerous as Beauty Kitchen is a British brand with all of its products being made here in the UK. They are cruelty-free and pride themselves on their innovative formulas which are created from natural and sustainable ingredients. On top of all that, Beauty Kitchen is a certified B Corporation that is widely seen as one of the highest accreditations when it comes to businesses that adhere to strict social, ethical, and environmental standards of performance, accountability, and transparency.  

So back to this natural and cruelty-free Vaseline dupe. Is it as good? No. It's better!

The problem with petroleum/mineral oil is that it doesn't properly moisturise the skin - it just sits on top and long-term use of it can actually make your skin worse by becoming more sensitive and dry. 

I love the Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatments because they look and feel like Vaseline, but thanks to their all-natural ingredients, they actually hydrate, soothe and help to protect dry skin. And just like Vaseline, you can use these in exactly the same ways, so apply to lips, cuticles, dry elbows etc.

A note on the ingredients; the original Natruline (blue tin) contains two types of Castor Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Beeswax, whilst the vegan version (green tin) contains all of the above minus the beeswax. Testing them out side by side, I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference between the pair!

Beauty Kitchen Natruline Lip Treatments* (20g, £2.99 each, link)

Is your skin struggling this Winter?

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