Top 5: Skincare Tips For People Who Work Out

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Skincare Tips For People Who Work Out
Going to the gym will help you to look after your body, but sweating for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’ve recently started working with one of the many certified personal trainers in London and have noticed your skin suffering, you might need to switch up your skincare routine. Don’t worry, with the following steps, you’ll be able to get your skin back on track in no time.

Don’t wear makeup to the gym

If you’re used to wearing makeup every time you leave the house, you’ve probably been working out with a full face without thinking too much about it. While you might look a million dollars, makeup actually contributes to the clogging of your pores as sweat builds up behind it. When you’re at the gym, your skin needs to be able to breathe easily. If you feel very self-conscious going out without makeup, swap your foundation for a light, tinted sunscreen or moisturiser. And if you’re worried about removing your makeup when you turn up at the gym, keep a small bottle of micellar water and some cotton pads to hand.

Wash your face after working out

Once you’ve finished exercising, you’ll want to get any sweat that’s accumulated on your skin washed off as soon as possible. Sometimes using just water will be enough, but if your skin isn’t too dry or sensitive, choose a creamy or oil-based cleanser to really melt any build-ups off your face.

Moisturise your skin

You should always moisturise your face after cleansing, but especially so after sweating in the gym. Choose a hydrating moisturiser that has a light texture that won’t clog your pores. Pay attention to your moisturiser’s packaging and check that the bottle says non-comedogenic, so you know it won’t contribute to any breakouts.

Keep it gentle

If your skincare routine usually contains anti-ageing serums and acid peels, you might want to hold off using them straight after working out. Instead, save them for your nighttime routine before bed. Always give your skin time to recover after sweating in the gym, as it will be more sensitive. To reduce redness and irritation, consider adding a cooling, soothing mist or gel to your post-workout routine. Look for ingredients like green tea, cucumber, aloe vera or cica.

Use a high-quality gym towel

The gym towel you use during your workout can significantly impact your skin, especially if you’re using it to wipe your face. Make sure you invest in a towel that’s of a medium absorbency and wicks away sweat from the surface of your skin. It’s also a good idea to change your towel often and wash it in between uses to avoid transferring bacteria to your skin. You should always have a separate towel for your face that you don’t use anything else, otherwise, it’s like spreading all the germs on your hands over your face. Make sure that this towel is only used for its intended purpose - wiping away sweat. Don’t use it interchangeably to wipe down machines or to sit on whilst your exercise!

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