Foodie Friday: Doughlicious Dough Chi - Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt & Vegan Chocolate Truffle review (a Gluten-Free alternative to Mochi!)

Friday 26 August 2022

 Doughlicious Dough Chi - Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt & Vegan Chocolate Truffle review

So you've probably already tried the popular Mochi Ice Cream (those Tik-Tok famous delicious balls of ice cream wrapped in glutinous rice), but have tried Dough Chi? This gluten-free alternative to Mochi is just as delicious, and the perfect new treat for your bank holiday weekend!

I first saw Doughlicious Dough Chi on offer on the Ocado app recently, and already being a big fan of Mochi Ice Cream, I decided that I had to see what this mini dessert was like. 

I couldn't quite picture what it would taste like in my head - would it melt quickly and go soft, or would the cookie dough keep it firm? My interest was piqued and I added two flavours to my next online shop.

Doughlicious Dough Chi - Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt & Vegan Chocolate Truffle review
What is Dough Chi?
Dough Chi by Doughlicious are small flavoured ice cream balls that are wrapped in a layer of cookie dough. They're free from GMOs, gluten and palm-oil. Depending on which flavour you get, they're roughly around 100 or so calories and around 5g of fat per ball so not bad macro-wise if you want a sweet treat after a meal.

First impressions
Packaged in a similar fashion to ice cream mochi, Dough Chi comes in packs of six. Straight out of the freezer they are quite hard as you'd expect with a powdered coating - I'd recommend leaving them out for a minute or so to soften at room temperature.

Flavours & Tasting
Doughlicious have a small range of flavours to choose from including Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt, Dulce de Leche, to Birthday Cake and straight-up Chocolate. Everything is suitable for vegetarians and there are two flavours that are dairy-free and vegan-friendly (Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Chip).

I tried the Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt which to me, has strong cheesecake vibes; in fact it was very much like eating small balls of frozen blueberry cheesecake! The cookie dough coating was a little gritty, but I liked how it wasn't overly sweet. By contrast, I found the vegan Chocolate Truffle to be much richer and more decadent - this flavour was pure chocolate heaven with a much smoother cookie dough layer. Like the Blueberry Dough Chi, the focus was less on the sweet side and more on the rich dark cocoa flavours. Yum!

Doughlicious Dough Chi - Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt & Vegan Chocolate Truffle review
Overall thoughts
Although these are an expensive dessert at £4.50 per pack, I'd definitely pick up the vegan Chocolate Truffle flavour again the next time I saw it on offer and it's great to see more high-quality gluten-free desserts on the market.

Discover Doughlicious Dough-Chi at

Have you found any new desserts that you're loving lately?
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