Health & Lifestyle: JSHealth AM Stress + Energy, PM Sleep + Calm, and Magnesium+ Double Strength supplements review

Thursday 25 August 2022


JS Health AM Stress + Energy, PM Sleep + Calm, and Magnesium+ Double Strength supplements review
This month's Health & Lifestyle post features three bestselling supplements from JSHealth. Founded by a clinical nutritionist and one of Australia's most well-loved health and wellness experts, Jessica Sepel, JSHealth offers free shipping in the UK and has a wide range of bundles and offers to get you the best price of your essential vitamins.

You may have seen JSHealth on Instagram lately as the brand continues to grow and grow, with a following now firmly established here in the UK. They have pledged to use more sustainable ingredients and their formulas are free from a long list of undesirables; you won't find any harmful binders, fillers, or preservatives. Their products are all free from gluten, GMOs, MSG, and added sugars as well.

With such wide and diverse range of supplements to choose from, I let Instagram decide for me and picked up their recent widely promoted AM & PM supplements, as well as a two-month supply of their bestselling Magnesium+ Double Strength.

JS Health AM Stress + Energy, PM Sleep + Calm supplements review
JSHealth AM Stress + Energy, PM Sleep + Calm (£34.99)

Packaged in a travel-friendly container that twists off to unveil the AM and PM duo in separate tubs, this handy formula has been designed to support energy and wellbeing during the day, whilst promoting healthy relaxation and deeper sleep by night. Let's check each blend out individually, shall we?

The AM supplement features all of the usual suspects that you would expect to find in an energising formula, such as Vitamins C, B12, B5, B6, and Biotin B7. There's also the essential minerals Zinc and Selenium, with a good dose of everyone's favourite natural power booster, American Ginseng. And not forgetting an ingredient which is more unusual and that's Rehmannia root which is hugely popular in Chinese medicine for supporting healthy kidney function. This makes the AM supplement stand out from the crowd,  and provides a well-rounded and well-thought-out blend that can be used every day for optimal energy levels.

The PM supplement by contrast, is centered on just four key ingredients and boasts three different types of Magnesium (Magnesium as Citrate, Magnesium as Glycinate Dihydrate, and Magnesium as Amino Acid Chelate). This carefully chosen triple blend of Magnesium covers all bases for enhanced absorbability to support a healthy nervous system and promotes relaxation of the muscles. Lavender Oil is added as the fourth ingredient in this blend for its traditional natural properties of calming, soothing, and relaxing the mind and body.

Overall thoughts
Having tried these AM and PM supplements for a month, I can say that I noticed a slight increase in my day-to-day energy levels, and for the most part, I did find that I slept better (or at least this is how it was logged on my health app so I must have been getting some extra zzz's!). The only downside that I experienced is that these supplements are much larger than what I'm used to from other brands, and I did find that I had to break them into two to swallow them properly, which made them less convenient to consume. For this point alone, I'd be hesitant to say that I would re-purchase them, but if the size isn't an issue for you, definitely check them out.

JS Health Magnesium+ Double Strength supplements review
JSHealth Magnesium+ Double Strength (£16.99)

If you only take one supplement, make it Magnesium. Magnesium is described as nature's muscle relaxant, and most of us are deficient in it as we don't get enough of it from our typical Western diets. Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports and maintains healthy bones, improving density and supporting healthy teeth too. It's also amazing for reducing muscle cramps and is vital for supporting a healthy nervous system. 

Magnesium+ Double Strength is basically the same as the PM formula above, minus the Lavender Oil and with a higher strength of magnesium (this blend has 200mg per dose vs 151mg that the PM has). The triple mix of Magnesium as Citrate, Magnesium as Glycinate Dihydrate, and Magnesium as Amino Acid Chelate is present here so that your body absorbs it easier, so if you've been looking for a high-quality magnesium supplement to incorporate into your daily routine, this could be it. Again though, I must point out that the tablet sizes are much bigger than regular supplements so do bear this in mind when purchasing - I do feel that it's something that JSHealth needs to revisit.

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