In My Bathroom: Absolute Aromas Soothe & Detox Epsom Salts + Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray review

Thursday 18 August 2022

 Absolute Aromas Soothe & Detox Epsom Salts + Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray review

Enjoying a long soak in the bath at the end of a busy week is one of life's small pleasures. The ritual of locking the door, turning on the tap, lighting a candle, and choosing to use one of your favourite bath products is something that I find so wonderfully relaxing.

As a beauty blogger, I'm utterly privileged and spoilt to be able to pick and choose from an array of bath oils, salts, bubble bars and all sorts of magical potions to help me unwind, but I often come back time and time again to bath salts, and in particular, Epsom Salts.

I've written about Epsom Salts many times in the past as I love they're naturally rich in Magnesium which is an essential mineral that many of us are deficient in. Luckily, you can boost your magnesium intake easily by adding a handful or two of Epsom Salts to your bath as your body readily absorbs them through your skin. The health benefits are well worth it too as Magnesium can help to relieve all manner of aches and pains, as well as anxiety and fatigue.

Needless to say, I have generally have a lot of Epsom Salts in my beauty stash and I love these two from Absolute Aromas. As one of the UK's leading aromatherapy brands, they certainly know a thing or two when it comes to creating some blissful bath salts and all of their products are 100% natural, cruelty-free and free from parabens and sulphates.

Absolute Aromas Soothe & Detox Epsom Salts + Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray review
Absolute Aromas Soothe Epsom Salts* (1kg, £9)
Epsom Salts are often sold in big bags which makes them more affordable and Absolute Aromas have 1kg bags for a bargain £9! You can choose from a range of different blends and I personally love this one called Soothe which features essential oils of Tangerine, Petitgrain and Neroli. As the name suggests, it really does help to soothe not only your mind, but also your skin, drawing out toxins and relaxing the nervous system. 

To get the best results, I'd recommend using around a quarter of the bag per bath and pouring it under running water so that it dissolves easily. Deeply breathe in that lovely essential oil blend and let all your worries disappear for at least an hour. Heaven!

Absolute Aromas Soothe & Detox Epsom Salts + Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray review
Absolute Aromas Detox Epsom Salts* (300g, £4.50)
If you haven't tried Epsom Salts before or simply don't know which blend to opt for, I would suggest trying out some of the smaller tubs from Absolute Aromas so you can try the different ones that they make. These come in 300g tubs for £4.50 and are available across their range. 

I was curious to see what the Detox Epsom Salts were like as the essential oil blend that's used for these is quite an interesting mix as it features Grapefruit, Juniper, Geranium, Palmarosa, Cedarwood, and Vitamin E. It's a gorgeous uplifting natural fragrance that invigorates the senses and would be suited for those who enjoy a morning bath at the weekend. I really enjoyed this blend and would certainly be adding the full-size bag to my next order.

Absolute Aromas Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray review
Absolute Aromas Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray* (30ml, £5)
There's a lot more to Absolute Aromas than just bath salts and a quick browse on their website will reveal a huge range of spa and massage products, skincare, aromatherapy oils, and much more! For some reason their Natural Room Sprays were calling to me so I tried out a mini bottle of their Lemon Myrtle blend which is incredibly zesty and uplifting - it instantly puts me in a good mood whenever I use it for a quick spritz around the bathroom!

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Have you tried anything from Absolute Aromas?

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