Review: Beauteco Box - July 2013

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Beauteco Box* (£10 + P&P, link)

For those new to Beauteco, they are a beauty box with a difference.  Each month, three 'menus' are presented on their website, and you, the customer, get to choose which one you'd like to receive.  After a fantastic box last month, I was most looking forward to seeing what the menu options would be for July's Beauteco Box.  

For July, I chose Box 3 which contained the following:-

Neal & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion (full size, 200ml, £11.95)
This hair product promises to transform drab, limp locks into luxurious thick hair, filled with body.  I've yet to find a volumising lotion that really works with my fickle and difficult hair, so I have my fingers crossed that this is the one!

Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment (full size, 200ml, £12.95)
I'm a total hair mask junkie, so receiving a new one to try out is always exciting for me.  Harmony is an intensive 3 minute treatment aimed at reparing damaged hair, whilst being suitable for all hair types to use.  I've read quite a few raves about it so I'm looking forward to using it this weekend.

Pukka Radiance Serum (10ml sample)
I've wanted to try something from Pukka for ages, so I was happy to see this sample for their famed 'wonder serum' in the box.  This little tube which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, is heading straight into my travel bag.

Eves Of St Agnes Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish (15ml sample)
I received a sample of this in last month's SoukSouk box and really liked it, so this new mini tub will help me to decide whether I love it enough to save up for a full size in the future.

Art Deco Clear Mascara / Eyebrow Gel (full size, 10ml, £9.75)
I'm always pleased to see a high quality German brand in a beauty box, and I was in need of a new eyebrow gel after my Barry M one ran out earlier this week.  Some may not find this the most exciting of make-up products (don't worry, other boxes this month have different Art Deco items in them!), but for me, it's one that I use on a near daily basis so I'm over the moon with this.

Whilst I personally prefer last month's box to July's offerings, I still think it's a great value box of products, all of which I know I'm going to use.  That's what counts the most isn't it?!

Have you received a Beauteco box this month?  
Which menu did you choose? 

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  1. I got the exfoliation in last months Souk Souk box too and really like it. The Neal & Wolf products sound great too. Everyone loves a hair mask! X

    1. It's a lovely exfoliator :) The Neal & Wolf hair mask is pretty good too! x

  2. Sounds like a very a box! Looking forward to read more about the Neal & Wolf Elevate Volumising Lotion and the Intensive care tretments..I love to discover new good hair products :)

    Ila x

    1. Have tried the hair mask and it's really good! The volumising lotion is a little tricky to work with, so I'm going to try it out a couple of different ways x

  3. Oh, I'm still jealous because I cannot get any of these boxes where I live. :( It looks great though! x

    1. Oh no! Hope you have something similar where you are? x

  4. Looks like a great box, pretty jealous of the Neal & Wolf volumising lotion. x

    1. It's a tricky lotion to work with, but I need to experiment with it a bit more x

  5. This is such an amazing box, I might have to sign up. x

  6. The Neal & Wolf products look lovely, this sounds like such a good box! xx

  7. I haven't signed up to Beauteco yet (I'm doing a 100 day spending ban) but I love the look of the boxes. The one you chose is pretty amazing xx

  8. This really makes me want to buy a beauty box again, I love the fact you can choose from 3 boxes.



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