Skincare Review: Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Range - Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Daily Moisturiser

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Range - Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Daily Moisturiser
Bodhi & Birch are a luxury British brand that I often recommend to friends and family when they are looking for something that much more special than their usual toiletries.

Last year, Bodhi & Birch launched their first three step botanical skincare range called Rosa Rosa. Designed for Normal to Dry skintypes, the line perfectly sums up the green ethics of the brand and fits in with the rest of their other products by being truly luxurious and spa-like.  The Rosa Rosa range comes packaged in weighty glass bottles with a bold and simplistic, yet contemporary design which anyone would be proud to display in their bathroom or on their bedroom vanity.  Best of all though, the formulas are just fantastic.
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Range - Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Daily Moisturiser
Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser* (150ml, £32, link)
Although recommended for Normal to Dry skintypes, I'd say that most types would be happy using this (for reference mine is Sensitive/Combination at the moment).  This is a light cream cleanser that has an almost gel-cream type texture that subtly foams up when you add a few drops of water to it. The cleanser has lots of skin softening ingredients such as Cocoa Seed and Shea Butter, and there's Rosehip Oil to hydrate and clear up the skin.  Mixed with these is a blend of pure Essential Oils such as Damask Rose, Chamomile and Orange Blossom which have calming, toning and purifying properties, plus they make the cleanser smell incredible.  I've found that I only need to use one pump's worth each time and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, thoroughly clean but not tight or dry, and properly balanced.  It also removes mineral makeup very well, though I'd say I much prefer to use it as my morning cleanser because it helps to wake me up!

Bodhi & Birch Hydrating Toner* (100ml, £28, link)
Hydrating toners are a must in my skincare routine and this one is very hydrating.  It features a blend of floral waters created from Damask Rose, Chamomile and Orange Blossom, so it's wonderfully soothing and calming on the skin.  I love using this when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive because it helps to reduce any irritation and redness within minutes.  

Bodhi & Birch Daily Moisturiser* (50ml, £35, link)
I was worried that this was going to be too rich for my Combination skin but luckily I actually found it to be lighter than I imagined, and like the cleanser, I think this could be used by numerous skintypes with the exception of Oily ones.  This moisturiser gets the job done; it hydrates, protects, rejuvenates and brightens the complexion due to the formula being rich in Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins.  It also feels very nourishing thanks to the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Perhaps because my skin is Combination, I thought a little went a long way with this, so for me the bottle will definitely last a good while.  And did I mention it smells amazing?  It absolutely does.

Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa range is available to purchase individually (see above links) or as a complete full size skincare set for £80 here which saves you £15.  Available from various stockists including direct from

Have you tried Bodhi & Birch's Rosa Rosa skincare range?

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  1. I have normal to dry skin, so this range is perfect for me. I'd never heard of this brand before, but it sounds lovely. I particularly like the sound of the Hydrating Toner.

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


  2. Bodhi and Birch is a brand ive not really used before but it sound awesome ill need to look into it

    1. Definitely give them a go, I have lots of reviews of their products on here if there's anything else you're interested in trying from them :)

  3. This sounds like a lovely range. x

  4. I have the cleanser and I really, really like it! :) xx

  5. I have the cleanser and the toner and I do like both but the toner is my favourite!

    1. The toner is lovely - I've been alternating it with Jurlique's Rosewater Mist and my skin just loves it!


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