The Mid-Week Pamper Treat for Dry Skin: Vicans Whipped Sheaco Body Cream & Moringa Oil with Lemongrass review

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Vicans Whipped Sheaco Body Cream & Moringa Oil with Lemongrass review
If your skin is feeling parched from too much sun post-holiday or it's just feeling a bit sensitive in general, check out these two multi-purpose dry skin saviours from Cornish brand Vican asap.

Vican's Whipped Sheaco Body Cream* (240ml, £15.99, link)
Dry skin can often be sensitive skin as well in my experience, so keep whatever you're going to apply on to it simple and pure (this is not the time to be experimenting with that high tech formulated sculpting body moisturiser!).  This bestseller from Vican is made from only three ingredients; unrefined Shea Butter, virgin Coconut Oil and a little added Vitamin E for good measure.  My skin loves coconut oil in general and it's always gotten on well with shea butter products, so I had a gut feeling I was going to love this from the start, and I did!  Sheaco is a thick body butter and I'm not kidding when I say a little goes a long way.  You only need to use the tiniest amount and it will transform even the driest skin into silky softness after a few applications.  As it's such a simple product, you can also happily use this as a scalp treatment to banish dandruff and on any eczema and psoriasis flare ups.  This is the unscented version, but it's also available in three other versions, each with a different essential oil combination.  A great bathroom staple and the large tub will last you ages.

Vican Moringa Oil with Lemongrass Oil (100ml, £19.99, link)
If a dry oil is more your thing, Vican Moringa Oil is a fab multi-purpose product that you can use on your face, body and hair.  It's made with just 100% cold-pressed, unrefined Moringa Oil (which is naturally packed full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, 18 essential Amino Acids etc) and I have the version which has added Lemongrass Oil in it for a bit of a zesty summery scent.  It's packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper applicator so I've mainly been using this as a pre-shampoo hair treatment to deeply condition my lengths and ends, and also as an evening face oil.  It works brilliantly both ways and feels lovely as a pampering body oil too.  Absorbs easily since it's a dry oil and doesn't feel sticky or greasy afterwards.

To shop the full range of Vican products and to learn more about the company, visit

Have you tried anything from Vican?

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  1. Nice brand the simplicity of the formulas! the price sound quite reasonnable as well. x

  2. Ooh new brand discovery! I love hair oils - I might give this one a try xx

    1. They're lovely - they currently have some more formulas in the pipeline too! xx

  3. The Vican Moringa Oil with Lemongrass looks like something I'd love! Great review x

    1. Thanks Sandra! It's so lovely, smells great! x

  4. Never heard of this brand but I always love a good dry oil! xx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack

    1. Me too, always have a few in my bathroom beauty stash! xx


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