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Tuesday 18 August 2015

6VitaminShot review
Tiredness is something that I struggle with on a regular basis.  No matter how much sleep I get, I could always use some more time in bed, so I'm constantly looking at ways to tweak my lifestyle and diet in order to keep my energy levels up.

It appears that tiredness and minor fatigue are hugely common problems as many of us are trying to squeeze far too much into our daily lives to cope with the ever growing demands of work, families, and everything else that life chooses to throw at us.  In response to this hectic, always on the go society we have created for ourselves, there are a million and one products at your local health store or supermarket which claim to provide a solution to your flagging energy levels*.

In my experience, there really are no immediate 'quick fixes' as everyone needs to find their own work/family/life balance which often requires some tough compromises and plenty of time to figure things out. However, I do find using a good food supplement can help, but only when it's in addition to a healthy lifestyle with a decent diet and minimised stress levels etc.

I've been recently trialling 6 Vitamin Shot which is a daily 'super dose' drink of 6 essential vitamins and amino acids plus caffeine** and taurine to help those who are recovering from illness, living busy lives, doing endurance sports or just looking for a bit of a boost to ward off the 3pm slump.  It comes in a liquid format which is flavoured with natural Acai Berry (a well know superfood in its own right) and the bottles are small enough to easily pop into your handbag. Each bottle is just 10 calories as its sugar-free (contains natural sucralose) and it tastes a little tart but sweet and berry-ish. Although it's based on natural flavours, it does come across as tasting quite artificial as many of these food supplements do, though it's not too off-putting like others I've tried.

Since using 6 Vitamin Shot for a week, I have noticed only a very small difference to my energy levels, but nothing major yet as I feel these products always need at least a month of consumption before you start to see the full benefits.  I'll be sure to post an update on here if I see any further changes, however I do feel this product is very expensive for what it is so I'm undecided as of yet whether I think it's worth the price or not.

6 Vitamin Shot* is available as a single shot for £2.50 or a pack of 12 shots for £24.99 from

Disclaimer: *If you are feeling fatigued / tired all the time, please make sure that you discuss these symptoms with your GP to rule out any underlying illnesses.
**6 Vitamin Shot is a high-caffeine product - not recommended for those who have a sensitivity to it.

Do you use any food supplements like this?

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  1. These sound tasty and I like tart berry flavours. For me I find energy through exercise. After work I'm usually so tired but if I make myself go for a run or do some tae kwon do my energy levels shoot back up. You'd think exercise would drain you further but nope. Yay endorphins. It also helps you get good sleep :)

    Tea in the Tub

    1. I definitely need to do more exercise - just need to push myself to actually do it! :)


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