Weekend Pampering: Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts review

Saturday 10 October 2015

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts review
If you read my September Empties post, you'll have noticed that I've ran out of my beloved Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts. Whilst the full size tub is on my Christmas wishlist, I decided to purchase a similar, but much more budget friendly option from Dr. Organic to keep me going in the meantime.

My local Holland & Barrett is quite a small shop so as soon as I spotted this large 1kg bag of Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts from Dr Organic on the shelf, into my basket they went. On the surface, they look really boring; just like, well, white salt and they don't have any scent. But don't be put off by their plainness. I've used these about 4 or 5 times now and I'm really impressed with them.

Why I Love These
They're simply made of 100% natural Dead Sea Salt (with some added seaweed extracts) which is world-famous for its unique mineral composition that features several skin rejuvenating and therapeutic properties. For example, they're rich in Magnesium (good for fighting off stress), Calcium (ideal for improving circulation), Sodium (important for keeping your lymphatic fluid balance in check so that your immune system functions properly) and Bromides (great for easing muscle stiffness). And as your skin is the body's largest organ, as you're bathing in these, you're absorbing all of this goodness.

To use, I just add a handful or two into a hot bath once it's full - I usually add some essential oils to make it more of a pampering experience. The salts make me feel more relaxed whilst I'm in the bath, but it's the effects afterwards that I notice and appreciate the most. Once I've stepped out and dried off, my skin feels much softer and they really help to calm down any eczema issues. The biggest change is that they really do help me to sleep better afterwards so I love using them when I'm feeling stressed or run down. A welcome addition in my bathroom!

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts (1kg, £5.99, link)

Do you use Dead Sea Bath Salts?

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  1. Ive seen these types if products around everywhere mostly saw the coffee one but this looks pretty interesting!


  2. Replies
    1. Let me know what you think if you try them - H&B often have Dr Organic on half price offers so always worth a look in there :) x

  3. I love the Therapie ones but I definitely use budget options as well, Westlab also have a good selection and there is a brand in Sainsbury's that is good too Xx

    1. I'll have to check those both out, thanks for the recommendations Ana! :) xx

  4. I didn't realise Dr.Organic sold these. I quite often buy budget versions from Amazon. They are great after exercise x

    1. Neither did I, never seen them before so not sure if they're a new product? x

  5. These sound lovely must pick them up next time I need salts x


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