High End Beauty: DHC Beauty Lift Lotion, Essence and Milk review

Sunday 10 April 2016

 DHC Beauty Lift range review
As I'm getting closer to 30 than I am 20, I'm starting to look for skincare that may help to delay the signs of aging and give my skin more of a hydration boost in the evenings. One of Japan's much-loved luxury skincare brands, DHC, has a Beauty Lift range which may tick most of the right boxes.

DHC are one of those brands that I see a lot of bloggers and skincare gurus rave about, but I've only really tried (and loved) one of their products before which is their brilliant Deep Cleansing Oil. With this in mind, I was very keen to try out a proper 3 step routine from them to see what all the fuss is about, which is where these three products from the Beauty Lift range come into play.

The DHC Beauty Lift line is aimed at those concerned with the first signs of aging, as well as those who already have mature/dry skin. It's USP (unique selling point) is that the formulas in this range are all lightweight and calming for sensitive skin, rather than being thick and heavy like a lot of other anti-aging products are. After a quick scan of the ingredients list, I was pleased to see that this range, like all DHC products, is free from parabens and fragrance and I have to say that the pink ombre effect packaging with gold lids is very pleasing too! So onto the actual products themselves:-

DHC Beauty Lift Lotion* (145ml, £34, link)
Technically this is an alcohol-free 'hydrating toner' in a lotion format, so I've been using this in place of my usual flower toner after cleansing, and it sure does pack a much more moisturising punch. After the first use, I noticed that my skin was visibly more plumped up and felt much softer. It gives you a slight tightening effect when you apply it, but this felt very temporary to me. I really like it, though I did have to scale back on its usage to just 1-2 times a week as it was too rich for my combination skin to handle every day. 

DHC Beauty Lift Essence* (50ml, £35, link)    
I've been getting into essences recently, so I was intrigued to give this one a proper try out. It feels very similar to the Lotion but like a more supercharged, even more hydrating version. The peptides and botanicals packed formula again is lightweight and absorbs quickly like a serum, leaving the skin fully plumped up and hydrated. I've been enjoying using this soaked into a plain sheet mask for a once a week pampering treat, but if you have very dry skin, you could easily use this instead of a hydrating serum for the same effect in your daily routine.

DHC Beauty Lift Milk* (100ml, £34, link)
When I think of milks in skincare, I generally think of cleansing milks, but this is definitely a daily moisturiser instead. Although it's lightweight in texture again, like the rest of the range, it's still very hydrating so I preferred using it as an evening night cream instead as the final stage to doing a Caroline Hirons' style 'moisture sandwich'. A little went a long way for me with this milk, though I suspect those with much drier skin types will use a regular amount. The results were the same again; lovely, soft, smooth, plumped up skin!

The DHC Beauty Lift range is available from various stockists including Feel Unique, Escentual.com, Selfridges and direct from dhcuk.co.uk

Have you tried anything from this range?

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