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Thursday 9 June 2016

Tisserand's Sweet Dreams / Sleep range review
Getting a full eight hours of sleep every night is something that I've always struggled with, even if I'm feeling completely exhausted. If you're feeling the struggle too, check out these all-natural sleep aids from Tisserand.

There can be countless factors as to why someone can't fall asleep, or manages to get to sleep but then wakes up throughout the night. Common culprits are stress and anxiety (a big one for me), hayfever (another biggie of mine), drinking alcohol too late at night, staring at computer and phone screens before bed, an underlying medical condition or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, the result is generally the same - feeling exhausted, irritable and/or just plain out emotional the next morning. Not getting enough sleep is seriously no fun.

However, for every problem that causes sleeplessness or insomnia, there's usually at least a handful of potential solutions. If you're interested in aromatherapy, certain essential oils such as Lavender and Vetiver can have a calming effect on the senses and this in turn, can help you to relax and finally get to sleep. I find lavender blends in bath oils and pillow sprays particularly helpful myself, so I wanted to share a quick brand focus overview on Tisserand's multi-award winning Sweet Dreams/Sleep range. 
Tisserand's Sweet Dreams / Sleep range review
For Bath & Body
One of my favourite ways to de-stress and unwind from a difficult day is by taking a nice long bath. Tisserand's Sweet Dreams Bath Oil* (100ml, £10.95, link) contains pure essential oils of Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your own bathroom, and only a few drops are needed for each bath. When you step out, treat yourself even further by massaging the accompanying Sweet Dreams Body Oil* (100ml, £9.95, link) all over. Pure bliss.

For Hands
Before going to bed, you can use Tisserand's Lavender Blend Hand & Nail Cream* (75ml, £6.95, link) to give your weary paws some moisturising TLC, and breathe in the relaxing scent of Lavender, White Mint and Damask Rose essential oils whilst you do so. In addition, keep a bottle of Tisserand Lavender Walk Hand Wash* (195ml, £8, link) by your sink and take advantage of the calming scent of pure Lavender every time you wash your hands throughout the day.

Bedtime Helpers
An hour or so before your bedtime, add a few drops of Tisserand Sweet Dreams Vapourising Oil*(9ml, £6.95, link) into your oil burner to help your mind relax and put it in the right mood for wanting to switch off and sleep. Then right before you switch off your light, dab a little of the Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball* (10ml, £5.95, link) over your pulse points (temples, behind ears, wrists, nape of neck etc) to further enhance the natural scent of the essential oils, breathing in deeply after you've applied. Night night.

Have you tried anything from Tisserand's Sweet Dreams range?

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  1. I suffer from anxiety so any help is definitely welcome. I didn't know they did a sweet dreams bath oil, I've tried the roll-on of it before and loved it! x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. You'll love the bath oil then! Same scent and works really well :) x


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