New In: Hair Styling Products from L'Oreal, Redken & Goldwell

Tuesday 30 August 2016

New In: Hair Styling Products from L'Oreal, Redken & Goldwell
Looking for some new hair styling products? Look no further; I've tested out four of the latest ones on the market, each of them delivering great results for different hair types and hairstyles. 

Best for Adding Texture & Shine To Thick Hair: L'Oreal French Girl Hair Techni.ART French Froissé* (150ml, £14.99, link)
If you're blessed with wonderfully thick hair (you lucky, lucky thing you!), and want to add some texture to it for a certain look, you can try this tube of styling cream goodness from L'Oreal's new French Girl range. I've used this on friends and it's perfect for creating that tousled, carefully messy 'just got out of bed' look, but without the frizz. Gives good hold, is non-sticky and is super easy to use on lengths and ends.

Best for Adding Texture & Shine To Thin Hair: L'Oreal French Girl Hair Techni.ART Messy Cliché* (150ml, £14.99, link)
For fine, thin hair like mine, L'Oreal have brought out the Messy Cliché styling spray which basically helps you to achieve the same results as the above product, so think of lots of cool, bed head style texture, but in a spray formula so that it doesn't weigh your fine hair down. I spritz a little through my ends and lengths when they're almost dry after washing, and gently scrunch it up to get a messy but again, non-frizzy, finish. I like the extra shine that this gives and it doesn't leave any sticky residue which is always a winner in my book.
New In: Hair Styling Products from L'Oreal, Redken & Goldwell
Best For Heat Protection & Blow Dries: Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer* (150ml, £11.90, link)
Although I love the voluminous results that a good blow dry gives my hair, I'm not so keen on the damage it can do, so I always, always use a heat protection protect to try to shield my hair from the worst of it. This newbie from Redken offers heat protection up to 230C (you really don't want to be frying your hair any hotter than that!), an anti-breakage and nourishing formula, and helps to reduce blow-drying time overall. You need a tiny amount if you have fine hair (use more if it's thicker) and work it through towel-dried hair. It gives me a smooth and sleek finish every time and the heat protection does seem to be saving my fragile hair from the wrath of my straightening irons!

Best For Busy Women Who Want Volume: Goldwell Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo* (available exclusively from Goldwell Salons, link)
Dry shampoo is such a fantastic timesaver in the morning when you're running late or facing a long commute to work and don't want to wake up earlier just to do your hair (I prefer the extra time in my bed, thanks). This luxury dry shampoo from Goldwell's excellent Kerasilk range (reviewed their fab hair oil here) sucks up excess grease and oil at the roots to refresh your hair, and it also adds plenty of volume in the process. What's not to love?

Have you tried any of these?

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