February Empties: Products I've Used Up

Tuesday 27 February 2018

February Empties: Products I've Used Up
Despite being the shortest month of the year, I've somehow managed to use up a ton of products recently, and there are some seriously good products in this empties stash. So without further ado, here are my February Empties.

Botanicals Hands & Nails Replenishing Serum*
I featured this in my November Favourites last year, and I've used it on a regular basis since then to give you an idea of how long it's lasted. It's been an absolute godsend for my nails during this colder weather and has definitely helped to strengthen them, whilst keeping my cuticles in good shape as well. Repurchase? Yes.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
A staple in my skincare routine for years, I always seem to use up a bottle, use something else, and then come back to this! If you haven't tried this iconic beauty before, it's basically a thick cream cleanser that removes makeup in seconds and is nice to use as a quick morning cleanser when it's cold outside. Repurchase? I'm currently trying out a popular high street dupe for this (review on that coming soon!), but I have no doubt that I'll be buying this again at some point.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Multi-Benefit Hair Masque
Regular readers will have spotted this pink tub in my previous Empties, and it's still one of my favourite hair masks that's affordable and always gives me great results. If you have dry, coloured or damaged hair, I highly recommend it. Repurchase? Will do once I've used up some of my other hair masks.

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm
Can you tell it's been Winter lately with all the moisturising products that I've used up?! Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm is definitely a saviour for anyone who has dry and irritated skin, anywhere on their face and body. It instantly hydrates, soothes and locks in moisture to keep your skin healthy and happy. A little goes a long way! Repurchase? Yes - it's since been re-packaged in a smaller tube.

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser*
Another Antipodes favourite of mine, and I think this is my second jar, is their Grapeseed Butter Cleanser which is amazing for destroying makeup and feels so nourishing on the skin. This thick balm cleanser is also brilliant for dry skin and ideal to use as either a first or second cleanser in the evenings to remove all traces of pollution, dirt and impurities for a really deep clean. Repurchase? Yes.

February Empties: Products I've Used Up
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
These ultra-hydrating sheet masks contain Hyaluronic Acid and are a really good quick fix if your skin is dehydrated, dull, stressed or if you're just feeling under the weather and need a skincare boost. Gets to work in just 15 minutes. Repurchase? Already have some more in my stash.

Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
My favourite basic eye makeup remover that actually works on waterproof mascara - I've gone through a few bottles of these in the past. Cheap as chips as it's usually on offer for about £1.50, and as it's from Superdrug's own brand range, it's also cruelty-free. Repurchase? Yes.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*
Many of you will know that I have a lot of problems sleeping, so I love using products like this to help, and this one really does work! Lost count of how many bottles I've used of this now. Repurchase? I'm testing out some other brands of pillow sprays at the moment, but I have a feeling I'll be going back to this one.

S.W Basics Makeup Remover
Despite having used this in the past, I'm still not convinced by it as I always feel like it leaves a slightly greasy film on my skin, even after rinsing thoroughly. I've never had any breakout issues as a result luckily, but there are lots of other oil-based makeup removers that I definitely prefer over this one. Repurchase? No.

S.W Basics Cinnamon Lip Balm
I have a tiny, tiny bit of this still left that I'll dig out of the tube later, but I wanted to include it as I know it'll be done by the end of the week. Made from just five natural ingredients, this is a lovely lip balm that gets the job done, and if you like cinnamon, you'll love it even more. Repurchase? Yes.

Batiste 2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner
I picked this up as an 'emergency' when I ran out of dry shampoo whilst staying at my sister's over Christmas, and I have to admit that this stuff is just terrible! It did absolutely nothing for my hair and left lots of residue and build up instead. Repurchase? No!

JOIK White Chocolate Bath Truffle*
I've mentioned these chocolate bath truffles from JOIK before, and they are so nice to use when your skin is dry and it's freezing cold outside. Rich in cocoa butter, they always leave my whole body feeling so soft and pampered afterwards. Repurchase? Already have some more in my bathroom.

Which beauty products have you used up this month?

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