Introducing: Alchemy Oils - Grapefruit & Alma Hair Remedy review

Monday 26 February 2018

Alchemy Oils - Grapefruit & Alma Hair Remedy review
When it comes to the world of hair treatments, hair oils have long reigned supreme thanks to their ultra-nourishing properties that can transform the driest and frizziest hair into a mane worthy of a Disney princess. My latest obsession comes from Alchemy Oils, and their travel-size bottles are perfect for those who are in the market for a new hair oil to try out.

Alchemy Oils are a simple and honest brand that specialises in creating amazing natural hair oils. They despise the short-term, quick fix approach of heavy chemical/silicone laden hair treatments that are all too common to find in the mainstream, and instead, have decided to focus on the tried and tested natural ingredients that have been used for centuries in places like India, where hair oils are used in Ayurveda-based scalp massage practices. They've utilised this age-old knowledge and have succeeded in creating formulas that are not only good for the long-term health of the hair, but also help to promote and stimulate hair growth, whilst providing those instant styling results that most of us are looking for to make our hair more manageable on a day-to-day basis.

How I Use Hair Oils & How Often
I mostly use hair oils as an intensive scalp treatment (applying a few drops directly to the scalp, massaging it in and leaving it on for a few hours or overnight before shampooing as normal), a pre-shampoo treatment (applying a tiny amount to the ends and lengths of dry hair for an hour before washing), a pre-blow dry protector (a few drops through towel-dried hair before blow-drying to make it more manageable), and as a leave-in conditioner (just 1-2 drops) to smooth away frizz and flyaways, and help keep my hairstyle sleek, moisturised and shiny all day.  As I have dry but fine hair, I use oils as a treatment probably 1-2 times a month, and only once a week as a leave-in conditioner or blow-dry protector. If your hair is a lot drier, more damaged or thicker, you can use them more often if needed, but fine hair can get weighed down easily if oils are used too regularly.

Alchemy Oils have just five products in their whole range; three different types of Hair Remedy oils, and two oil-based formulas for beards. Naturally, I've been trialling two of their Hair Remedy oils to see if they can help my notoriously dry and frizzy hair.

Alchemy Oils - Grapefruit & Alma Hair Remedy reviewBest for Strengthening Hair & Combatting Dandruff - Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy*
The first thing that you'll notice upon opening this bottle is a gorgeous uplifting scent from the Grapefruit Essential Oil which instantly reminds me of Summer and sipping fruity cocktails on the beach! This Grapefruit Hair Remedy is made from just five natural ingredients, each of which brings it's own unique properties to the blend; Coconut Oil (helps to strengthen the hair and keeps the scalp healthy), Avocado Oil (brilliant for damaged and brittle hair), Castor Oil (packed full of fatty acids and proteins, as well as being naturally antibacterial and high in Vitamin E), Almond Oil (contains lots of polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids as well as vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A which all help to deeply condition and soften the hair), and Grapefruit Oil (a natural cleanser that fights dandruff and prevents product build-up).

Best for Hair Growth & Conditioning - Alchemy Alma Hair Remedy*
The Alma Hair Remedy is an interesting one as I haven't tried anything with Alma in it before. Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Alma is mostly famous in India thanks to the high levels of antioxidants and carotene that's naturally found in the fruit. It's often used as a powerful hair tonic to promote healthy hair growth by strengthing the scalp and roots, so it's a popular ingredient in many natural hair loss products. Alongside Alma Oil, you'll also find Lemon Essential Oil (to naturally cleanse and add shine), Sesame Seed Oil and Coconut Oil (to strengthen and condition the hair), Avocado Oil (to soften and strengthen) and Argan Oil (to deeply nourish).

Overall Thoughts
I really like these Alchemy Hair Remedy oils and have seen good results from both of them. They're both similar in consistency and these are definitely a lot heavier than some other natural hair oils that I've tried, so you only need to use the tiniest amount, otherwise, they'll make your hair look greasy (especially if you have fine hair!). The Grapefruit one is definitely useful for helping to clear up dandruff or a dry scalp so brilliant for scalp massages, and I like the Alma one as a conditioning treatment on my lengths and ends to stop them from feeling dry. My only bugbear with these is the packaging, as they really need to have a pipette because it's easy to pour way too much into your hand, so I use a pipette that I bought off eBay with mine to help control the amount that I use. Other than that, these are definitely worth a try!

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit & Alma Hair Remedy (30ml travel sizes are £8 each, full-size 100ml bottles are £27 each) are available from who offer free worldwide shipping on orders over £15.

Are you a fan of hair oils?

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  1. I love both of these and so with you on the packaging!

    1. It baffles me when oils are packaged in this way - so much easier with a pump or pipette! x

  2. I've recently started using hair oils in place of conditioner and I'm loving the results so far :)


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