Home Style: 5 Easy Ways To Add Colour To Your Home Without Redecorating

Thursday 20 June 2019

Add some colour to your home with a few tips and tricks, and you can update your favourite rooms in no time at all without ever needing to redecorate or paint another wall! Here are my top five snippets of home style advice:-

(1) Choose A Statement Piece Of Artwork
If you have a plain wall in your living room or bedroom that looks too bland and boring for your liking, hanging a large piece of artwork on a canvas can instantly add colour and it's an easy way to express your personal tastes and show off a beautiful piece of art at the same time. Measure the space first and then choose a piece accordingly, or opt for several smaller canvasses and create a bespoke rainbow of art along the wall instead.

(2) Tell The Time With a Colourful Clock
Clocks are a fun way to present colour in any room and depending on which shade you go for, they can perfectly complement any existing colour scheme that you already have. For example, if you have an on-trend grey kitchen, adding an eggshell blue coloured clock will liven up a wall, or choose a vintage-esque, deep red clock to fit a warmer colour palette in the lounge like this one from Roger Lascelles which is on sale via Lionshome.

(3) Add Colour To The Sofa Or Bed
Many of us have sofas, beds and chairs in plain neutral shades, so feel free to add pops of colours with soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. These are easy to add throughout the home and are a brilliant budget-friendly way to update your living arrangements. You can even change them to reflect the seasons if you wish; pick light pastels for Spring, bright corals and pinks for Summer, rustic oranges and reds for Autumn and metallic golds and deep navy blues for Winter.

(4) Think Small
Decorate and jazz up shelves, coffee tables and any other surface areas with small colourful accessories like vases, mini glass cups and jugs, plant pots and ornaments. This option is ideal for those who don't want to be overwhelmed by big blocks of colours in their home, but still crave some beautiful colourful items to breathe life in certain rooms. Adding small accessories works particularly well in the bedroom, lounge and also in the kitchen where you can make themed and curated shelves of your favourite kitchenalia. I found some stylish and affordable pieces on Lionshome.

(5) You Don't Have To Go Too Bright
A lot of people are wary about including bright colours in their home, so you can opt for more subtle shades from the pastel family instead - think baby pinks, light blues, pale mint greens, and even more subtle shades of yellow, or choose darker hues such as navy blues, deep purples, emerald greens and burgundy reds. They can look just as eye-catching as brighter colours and you can seamlessly style them to fit within and enhance your existing colour schemes. 

*This post has been written by me, in collaboration with Lionshome.co.uk

What ways do you like to add colour to your home?

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