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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Tropic Colour Palette review
Hands up if you love the convenience of makeup palettes, but find that there's always at least one or two shades that you just never reach for? Say farewell to those unloved pans of product and build your own perfect makeup palette with the latest launch from Tropic.

There's no point denying it; there's a massive amount of waste in the beauty industry and as consumers, much of the problem lies directly with us and the frightening number of products that we throw away unused every year. Not only is this terrible for our bank balances, but it's not good for the Environment either, with many of our plastic toiletries and makeup bottles ending up in the oceans or adding to the landfill problem if they're not properly recycled. 

Customisable makeup palettes are nothing new, many brands have been offering them for years, but I think what has changed is the consumer mindset towards products that are more eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free. For these reasons, there couldn't be a better time to streamline your makeup collection, and this is why Tropic's new Colour Palette has attracted so much attention recently.

With 50 product options and a mind-boggling 734 million combinations, Tropic has launched a refillable makeup system that allows you to create your bespoke dream palette - the one that you'll use every day and take everywhere with you. When you've used up a certain shade, you can simply recycle the aluminium pan and purchase a refill, or try a completely new product in its place. All of Tropic's makeup is proudly made in Britain, certified vegan and cruelty-free, and they are a carbon neutral and Good Shopping Guide Ethical Company to boot.

Tropic Colour Palette review
Where To Start?
First, pick your Tropic Colour Palette* (£16 or free if you purchase your makeup products at the same time). There are four different configurations of the palettes available, so have a good think about the products that you'll use the most often. I chose Combination C which features two small trays, two medium trays and one large tray, and this is perfect for me.

The palette itself is smaller than most smartphones these days (for reference, it's slightly smaller than an iPhone 7 and about the same width) which makes it compact for travelling, but still large enough to use on a daily basis. It's made from smooth white plastic with recyclable aluminium trays and a large mirror in the reverse of the lid. I think it's very chic!

Tropic Colour Palette review
Building My Perfect Colour Palette
Now comes the fun part! Once you've decided which combination of palette to go for, you can then choose all of the products to fill it with. For the small pans, there are two types of brow products (a pomade and a powder), and two eye products (pressed shadows and wax liners). The medium pan has a wider choice with a mix of creams and powders (concealers, blushers, bronzers, contours and highlighters), and finally, the large pan can hold cream blush or concealer, powder blush or bronzer, or a setting powder.

For my palette, I chose the following:-

[Small pan] Brow Boss Defining Powder in Carob* (1.5g, £8): Available in three shades, this pigmented powder makes it easy to define your brows and contains Coconut Oil to condition them. Also doubles up as an eyeliner and eyeshadow.

[Small pan] Eyes On You Pressed Shadow in Pebble* (1.5g, £8): With thirteen shade of eyeshadow to choose from, I ended up picking Pebble which is a beautiful light shimmery taupe with brown and purple undertones. 

[Medium pan] Way To Glow Pressed Highlighter in Rose Gold* (3g, £16): I knew that I wanted a blush shade in the palette, but when I saw Rose Gold from the Pressed Highlighters range, I decided to opt for the best of both worlds as this colour can be used to create such a pretty pinky, shimmery glow to the cheeks. I love it!

[Medium pan] Jet Set Pressed Bronzer in Bali Bronze* (3g, £16): No palette could be complete for me without a bronzer and there are three shades that Tropic offers. I picked Bali Bronze which looks like the lightest colour and it delivers a stunning sunkissed finish.

[Large pan] Make It Matte Setting Powder* (5g, £20): As I have a notoriously oily T-Zone, a matte setting powder was a must and I've been enjoying using this translucent finely milled pressed powder to keep my makeup looking its best for longer.

Tropic Colour Palette review
My Perfect Tropic Colour Palette

I'm absolutely smitten with my Tropic Colour Palette and love everything about it, from the high-performance results and colour payoff of the products themselves, to the beautiful design of the palette and how easy it fits into my handbag, it's just perfect! The magnetic pans make it super easy to mix and match products so that you can swap them in and out as often as you please. It's incredibly versatile and I know that I'll be still using this palette for many years to come!

I was also treated to some of Tropic's new makeup brushes which I highly recommend picking up:-

Tropic Eco Artist Precision Face Brush
Tropic Eco Artist Precision Face Brush* (£18)

Dual-ended makeup brushes are fantastic for travelling with and they make the ideal accompaniments to a palette like this. The Eco Artist Precision Face Brush features a pointed head which can be used to apply contour and highlighter, and a rounded, domed head to blend foundation and base products. Both ends are made from silky soft, synthetic fibres that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and they can be used with any kind of cream, liquid and powder makeup.

Tropic Eco Artist 3-in-1 Eye Brush
Tropic Eco Artist 3-in-1 Eye Brush(£16)

Staying with the overall theme of streamlining and travelling, Tropic also has a clever 3-in-1 Eye Brush up its sleeve! Made from the same soft synthetic fibres as the Precision Face Brush above, this multi-use brush boasts an angled end for applying eyeliner, a small and fluffy head for blending eyeshadow which you can them slip off to reveal a hidden inner spoolie for tidying up your brows. How neat is that?!

Would you like to make your own makeup palette like this?

Special thanks to Tropic for letting me create my perfect Colour Palette* with them! Create your own perfect makeup palette at

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    1. Great idea of making your own palette! 😊 that precision brush looks really soft 😍🌹

    2. It's really cool isn't it?! The brushes are SO soft! x

  2. I love that they've done this! It makes perfect sense, really - why spend a fortune on a palette where you only use a few of the shades, when you can buy one that houses everything you need? I'm waiting till some of my current make-up runs out and then I'll be creating one of my own xx


    1. Absolutely, more brands need to do this! xx


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