Health & Lifestyle: Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme review

Sunday 16 June 2019

Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme review
Based on an ancient Ayurvedic method for promoting and maintaining good oral health, Oil Pulling has been a growing wellness trend in the West now for the past couple of years, so it's no surprise to see more brands bringing out their own kits that are focused on this healthy technique. One such brand is Cocobaci and I've been putting their 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme to the test.

What exactly is Oil Pulling?
Oil Pulling is based on the Ayurvedic tradition of using an oil (most commonly Sesame or Coconut Oil) to 'pull' out toxins and pathogens as the oil binds to these, making them easier to remove from the mouth and body, thus leaving your mouth, teeth and gums cleaner overall.

What are the benefits of Oil Pulling?
Whilst more scientific studies are needed, Oil Pulling has grown in popularity as people claim it helps to naturally whiten teeth, lessen the sensitivity of teeth and gums, removes plaque and bacteria, combats bad breath, prevents cavities, reduces inflammation and helps to keep the mouth free from harmful bacteria after oral surgeries which reduces the risk of infections. My NHS dentist recommended it when I had a wisdom tooth removed a few years ago, and I've been doing Oil Pulling on and off ever since.

Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme review
Tried & Tested: Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme
For many in the West, the allure of naturally whiter teeth is what attracts them the most to Oil Pulling in the first place but the oral health benefits are not to be missed! If you've never tried Oil Pulling before, Cocobaci's 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme contains 15 single-use packets for ultra convenience so that you can easily add it to your morning routine with minimal fuss. It's available in a range of different flavours which each have their own unique benefits, and I opted to try out the Cool Mint kit.

What's In It?
Each sachet of Cocobaci Cool Mint contains a simple blend of natural and certified organic ingredients; Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Spearmint and Organic Oak Bud Extract.

How Do I Use it?
Before brushing your teeth, tear open one sachet and squeeze the contents into your mouth. Depending on how cold your bathroom is, you may find that the oil is solid but don't worry, it will soon melt in your mouth as it adapts to your body temperature. Swirl the oil mixture thoroughly for 5-15 minutes, pushing it through and around the teeth and gums to make sure that every single area gets a good 'pull'. Be careful not to swallow and once you're done, spit it out into a bin and never into your sink or shower as the oil will solidify and clog up your drains.

Overall Thoughts?
If you're new to Oil-Pulling, you may find it really strange to be swirling oil around your mouth and I'd recommend starting off with 5 minutes first and then working your way up to 15 minutes (and longer if you have the time). The Cocobaci Cool Mint has a lovely refreshing flavour and it left my mouth feeling much cleaner than when I'd just used Coconut Oil on its own. I stuck with the programme for the full 15 days and afterwards, I did see a small, subtle change in the whiteness of my teeth, noticing that mostly tea and coffee stains had been removed - yes! The biggest difference for me personally was in my overall oral health, as both my teeth and gums felt stronger and less sensitive which is always a big bonus for me as I often struggle with sensitive teeth. It's certainly something that I would be happy to continue doing on a regular basis!

Cocobaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Programme in Cool Mint* (15 x 8ml sachets, £19.50) is available from

Have you tried Oil Pulling?

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