Tried & Tested: My. Haircare - Rescue My. Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar review

Thursday 23 January 2020

My. Haircare - Rescue My. Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar review
Banish residues of everyday pollution and plastic at the same time with this nifty eco-friendly Shampoo Bar from My. Haircare. Oh, and it's vegan-friendly too! 

Bars of soap have made a huge comeback into bathrooms all over the world, as we all try to do our bit to reduce our plastic waste, so it only seemed like the next logical step to swap all of those shampoo bottles for a solid bar of shampoo as well. If only it were that easy!

I have had a serious love/hate relationship with shampoo bars over the years and it's always been the one product that I've really struggled to find a plastic-free replacement for. For example, I first started out trying all of Lush's shampoo bars many years ago and whilst my hair liked them, the inclusion of SLS caused my eczema to flare up and my scalp was not happy so I had to stop using them. 

Then began a long trial and error process of attempting to find a shampoo bar which was free from SLS, but that also didn't turn my hair into straw. After trying what seemed like every brand that I could get my hands onto, I admitted defeat a few months ago.

Or so I thought, until a new one dropped through my letterbox recently from My. Haircare... could this be 'The One'? 

My. Haircare - Rescue My. Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar review
My. Haircare Rescue My. Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar* (80g, £13.95, link)
Having enjoyed using My. Haircare's brilliant Infuse My Colour range (reviewed here), I decided to give their Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar a go. This shampoo bar is one of four that they currently sell (the others are Hydrate, Volume and Smooth), and as you can guess by the name, it's been specially formulated to help remove product build-up and pollution residue from the hair, both of which can leave your locks looking dull and feeling lank and dirty.

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, this eco-friendly shampoo bar has been created by hand using waterless technology and cold-pressed methods. With a gentle neutral p.H of 5.5, it's pleasantly free from Palm Oil, SLS/SLES, Sodium Hydroxide, Lye, Silicones and Parabens, and the product is completely biodegradable - even the recyclable cardboard box that it comes in can be re-used to store the bar between uses. Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar has a subtle, fresh and very clean scent with hints of Cucumber and Violet, and is enriched with Oat Protein to soothe difficult-to-please scalps making it suitable for all hair types to use.

How To Use & Results
Simply wet your hair first and then rub the bar between your hands to create a lather. Apply the lather to your hair, massage it in and then rinse thoroughly. If required you can repeat the process if your hair has a lot of product build-up, but I felt like it did a good enough job the first time around.

I was surprised by how well it lathered as this has been a tricky problem area for other shampoo bars that I've tried, and after rinsing, my hair felt clean and soft. I've tried it with and without conditioner and found that skipping conditioner is a definite no-no if you have dry hair, as it resulted in a lot of frizz. However, when used with a conditioner, it was actually not bad at all, if just a little frizzier than usual. Whilst it's not the holy grail shampoo bar that I was hoping for, it's still the best that I have tried so far, and something that I would happily use whilst travelling and visiting friends in the city.

Have you made the switch to a shampoo bar?

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  1. I love the rescue my hair bar but I can't buy it on the Internet because I live in Canada.

    1. Hope you are able to find something similar in Canada! x


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