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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Blooming Blends - Immunity Botanical Tincture Blend & Protection Sensory Facial Mist review
Give your immune system a natural boost and enjoy a moment of protective calm with these two botanical remedies from Blooming Blends

Founded by Fleur Sladen, a former cook who was working long hours in a busy kitchen, Blooming Blends was born when she was looking for something natural to help give her mind and body an energy boost. Other than being natural and plant-based, there were two other important criteria to tick off; products that were both effective and easy to use, so Fleur decided to make her own unique range of botanical boosting blends, experimenting with different formulas to help balance and strengthen the mind, the body and the soul. 

Being a firm believer in holistic wellness, Blooming Blends immediately struck a chord with me when I was introduced to their website and I was kindly given the opportunity to try two of their products. From their range, which currently includes Botanical Tinctures, Booster Blends and Sensory Mists to help a variety of modern lifestyle ailments such as stress, fatigue, mood, digestion, poor sleep etc, I decided to choose their Immunity Botanical Tincture Blend and the Protection Sensory Facial Mist to test out.

All of Blooming Blends products are handmade in small batches in Cheltenham, England, using traditional methods and 100% natural herbal ingredients. The botanicals are carefully sourced from sustainable suppliers and everything is packaged in dark glass to protect the botanical actives.

Blooming Blends - Immunity Botanical Tincture Blend  review
Blooming Blends Immunity Botanical Tincture Boosting Tincture Blend* (30ml, £22, link)

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic took hold of the world, I've regularly used immunity-boosting products to try to strengthen and protect my overall health. Admittedly, this isn't always easy when you have an autoimmune illness, but I do find that they help and I always notice a difference when I don't keep on top of the various natural blends and supplements that I take on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly then, the Blooming Blends Immunity Botanical Boosting Tincture Blend naturally jumped out at me when I was browsing their website and within a week of it arriving, I began taking it every day to help ward off any potential colds that often come about with the change of season.

This Immunity Blend has been specially formulated to do just that, keeping lurgies and sniffles at bay thanks to a mix of three of the most beneficial botanicals that Mother Nature has to offer; Elderberry, Echinacea and Lemon Balm. These are blended into an alcohol-free tincture with an extract ratio of 1.3-1.1 herb to liquid and you can take 1/2 a pipette up to four times a day (each bottle contains 45 servings).

It's worth noting that this won't protect against Coronavirus or any strain of Flu, but it will help to boost your immune system against the Common Cold, so if you're someone who often gets every cold going around, it may well be worth investing in for your natural medicine cabinet at home. 

Blooming Blends - Protection Sensory Facial Mist review
Blooming Blends Botanical Protection Sensory Mist* (50ml, £18, link)

Like the Tincture Blends, Blooming Blends' range of Botanical Sensory Mists help to address many of life's concerns and this Protection blend is an interesting one for anyone who wants to be shielded against negative energies. Created from a balancing formula of homemade floral waters including Cedarwood and Geranium Rose, Protection also contains oils of Frankincense, Clary Sage, Witch Hazel and Juniper Berry, the latter of which has been traditionally used by herbalists to protect them against dark and negative forces.

If the overall concept is a little too 'out there' for you, you can still enjoy the wonderfully soothing, refreshing and instantly calming benefits of the essential oils in this blend and spritz whenever you need a reviving boost for your skin and your mind.

Shop the full range at Blooming Blends with free delivery on all orders in the UK and EU 

Are you interested in natural botanical formulas?

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