The Weekend Post: Emotional Wellness Activities for College Students #AD

Saturday 20 June 2020

At first, we all watched movies and series about students' lives where students did nothing but have fun, drink, sometimes travel, and fall in love. Now, we see very different styles of movies and series about students' lives. Previous year Euphoria became the top series in this field, and it is rather dark, if not depressive. Of course, not every student lives through such troubles as Zendaya's character, but many of them have enough problems in college. 

Emotional wellness is something that hasn't been widely discussed previously, but now it is a raging topic. It has been proven that emotional intelligence is not less critical than cognitive intellect, and is even more important in terms of success in life. That is why, being a college student, you should prioritize your emotional wellness. Here are some actions and activities which may help with it. 

Defining what well-being looks like for you

People are different, and it is normal that well-being looks differently for them. It is related both to emotional well-being and any other kind of well-being. It would be strange to expect all the people to have the same understanding of happiness and fulfillment. People tend to look at others and think about what others have achieved. It can be very challenging to adjust your life to someone else's expectations and successes. And the main idea is that you should not do it. You should Define what well-being in many aspects looks like for you and for you only. It is not a simple task, but once you deal with that, you will be ready to move forward without getting distracted by other people's understanding of life. We don't mean that someone else's understanding is bad or wrong; we just mean that you should be first of all on your own vision.

Screening your psychological state

Once you define what emotional well-being is for you, you can move to the next stop. We don't mean this article to be a step-by-step manual, and most of the activities we offer are not interconnected rigidly. However, their first two ones are connected, and it is better to do them one by one. There are many systems that help to screen your psychological state. We cannot recommend a particular one if you are currently communicating with a specialist, ask him for an individual recommendation. However, we can recommend a PERMA model to assess your life situation. P is for positive emotion, E is for engagement, R is for relationships, M is for a meaningful existence, and A is for achievement. 

Analyzing available resources

When you watch motivational speeches on YouTube or read them in books or articles, you may stumble upon sentences Telling you that you have all the resources to achieve whatever you want. It sounds so nurturing, so reassuring, but the fact is it is not valid. Unfortunately, it is not true. We all have limited resources, and mostly they are not enough to achieve everything we want, so we need to choose wisely. But before you choose, you need to make our goal, to understand the task for which you need those resources. Later you list all those resources available and choose from them the most suitable ones for the situation. For example, you may not have resources to address a psychologist right away, but you can't talk to a college counselor or join a support group on campus. You may not have enough energy for dealing with your essays, so you can address SmartWritingService, for example, which provides students with legitimate essay writing services for professional help from time to time. Not all our resources are interchangeable, but many of them are. Don't get discouraged from the very beginning, keep digging, and you will find the resources you need to achieve the goal and make your emotional well-being more stable.

Asking for help

This part is one of the most difficult ones because, from our childhood, we are taught that we should help others, and we are not taught how to ask for help without losing self-confidence. We know how to provide help to our friends, but we are often too shy to ask directly for this help ourselves. It is an important flaw in our minds that should be overcome. Think of three major problems that influence your emotional well-being and decide on people, which theoretically can help you with them. Of course, you won't make them responsible for those changes, you're the responsible one, but you can share your struggle and ask for some help, which will make the journey easier for you. 

Adjusting your diet

It might sound surprising, but it is very difficult to guarantee emotional well-being without adjusting your diet. We are not speaking about self-esteem related to body weight or appearance, though those conceptions are still very strong in our society. We talked about the influence that food we eat has on our brain, on our emotions, on our ability to deal with daily tasks and to stay confident in our abilities. Food that is full of sugar and preservatives has a strong effect on our emotional stability. You need to cut on sugar and junk food if you want to balance your emotional well being. Excessive sugar sends you to an emotional roller coaster, and no matter how long you meditate or how good your self-awareness is, you will have mood swings, which will make you miserable sometimes. Tracking your diet, connecting it with your emotional state, and changing the diet accordingly, will hugely enhance your emotional well-being.

Emotional wellness requires an investment of time and effort. You cannot expect that the moment you start tracking your mood, everything will become significantly better in a blink. You need to build a system that will help you to maintain emotional balance. At first, it may even seem like things are going worse. It is just the same as when you want to tidy your wardrobe and start taking everything from the shelves, sorting it, and your whole room immediately looks like a mess. Not a very tidy picture, right? For the moment, it may even seem that you did all wrong, you made things worse, and it will never get tidy back again. The same feeling can hunt you on your way to emotional wellness. Just know that if you feel this way, you require just a little bit more effort before things get better.

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