The Weekend Post: 4 Unique Wedding Ideas

Monday 14 February 2022


Everyone wants their special day to be memorable and unique. These days weddings are moving further and further away from the more traditional format and creative brides-to-be are taking this opportunity to really let their personality shine through. And all that DIY wedding inspiration on Pinterest has shown us all that you do not need to spend a fortune to make your day unique and fun.

Looking for some inspiration for your own special day or have found that your wedding is missing that one last final touch that would make it more complete? Look no further.


Wedding fireworks are for those who believe that no gesture is too much or too big for their wedding day. Make a statement, send a message, and start your married life with a bang by getting a bespoke firework display with your choice of colours or have a personalised message written in the night sky to celebrate your day.

A Unique Guestbook

A guestbook is a popular choice for weddings because it provides you with a keepsake for you to look back on for years to come, by reading messages from all your family and friends from the day you got married. So why not use this opportunity to get creative with your guestbook? Get each of your guests to decorate a quilt square that will then be sewn together into a keepsake wedding quilt, opt for an audio guestbook where your guests pick up a phone and record their messages for you to listen back, and the retro phone works as a unique decorative piece too. Provide a typewriter for your guests to type up their messages.

Interactive Party Favours

Inject a bit of fun into dinner by laying out some interactive party favours. Provide each guest with something fun to do at the table to help keep the conversation flowing and eliminate any awkward silences that might occur amongst unfamiliar guests. Little puzzles and games, a trivia quiz to see how well they know the happy couple, a cute wedding bingo card, bubbles and silly string to keep the children (and the big kids) entertained, personalised bottles of alcohol for the guests to toast with – the possibilities are endless. A thoughtful and perceptive party favour you can hand out as your guests’ leave is a hangover recovery kit that they will definitely appreciate in the morning.

And Finally: Photo opportunities

There will be a high-quality camera in every pocket and handbag at your wedding and there is no doubt that people will be taking photos everywhere, all day. So why not provide your guests with the perfect backdrop for their personal photoshoots? You can keep things classic with a flower wall or get a neon sign for guests to pose under, get silly with a photo cut-out where guests can poke their head through or provide some crazy props for guests to use however they like. There are plenty of options for hiring a photo booth where guests can take their physical photos home with them on the day.

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