Natural Health: Do Bach Flower Remedies Work? A Look At Walnut, Mimulus, White Chestnut & Larch

Saturday 12 February 2022


Bach Flower Remedies have remained popular in the natural health world since their inception in the 1930s, and these cult homeopathic remedies are found in the cupboards of celebrities, royal families, and the general public, across the world.

What Are Bach Flower Remedies?
Bach Flower Remedies are a wide range of natural remedies which help to support all aspects of emotional health. They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s in England, whilst searching for a new healing technique for his patients with emotional problems and inbalances. Dr. Bach was fascinated by the energy of the sun and its healing ability on plants and wanted to find a way to harness this natural power in a way that could benefit humans.

What Are Bach Flower Remedies Made From? 
Contrary to popular belief, Bach Flower Remedies don't actually contain any active parts of the named flower. Instead, they are a 100% natural tincture created by infusing the specific flower in spring water and allowing the sun's rays to pass through it. This is then preserved in a solution of grape brandy to form the final remedy.

How Do I Choose The Right Bach Flower Remedies For Me?
There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies to choose from and each one serves a different purpose so you might find that you want to use more than one to address your individual needs, especially if there are multiple complex emotional issues that you're dealing with. The easiest way to discover which ones you'll be best suited to is by searching the online catalogue of remedies where you can read up on the different benefits.

I have four of the most commonly used Bach Flower Remedies below to give you a very short introduction into this wide range.

Try Walnut - When You're Experiencing Big Life Changes
If you're struggling with a big life change such as the menopause, puberty, a relationship break up, the stress of moving house or dealing with a bereavement, Walnut is the remedy to try, to help support your mind in adapting to these changes. It can also be useful to help protect against outside influences/energies that are attempting to derail your ambitions and goals.

Try Mimulus - For Known Fears & Shyness
Most of us have a known phobia, whether it's something like a fear of spiders, heights or public speaking for example. Mimulus helps you to face your fears so that they don't bring disruption or stress to your life.

Try White Chestnut - When You're Experiencing Anxiety, Worry & Insomnia
Many of the Bach Flower Remedies are suitable as an alternative natural treatment for mild symptoms of anxiety, and White Chestnut is particularly popular for anyone who struggles with the classic signs of worrying by having too many thoughts racing in their mind. White Chestnut is thought to be a mind-soother and can also help when you need to concentrate and focus on tasks and if you're experiencing insomnia. 

Try Larch - When You Need A Boost Of Confidence
Lack of confidence can affect us all at some point, so when you need a boost, Larch is seen as a little helper to allow you to achieve when you're feeling discouraged or expecting failure.

Do Bach Flower Remedies Work?
Bach Flower Remedies are one of the most 'marmite' of all the natural remedies that I can think of, in fact, it's almost a direct 50/50 split in opinion whenever I discuss them with people. Some absolutely swear by them, others suggest that they're nothing more than a placebo. So who's right? Well, if you're looking from a purely scientific viewpoint, Bach Flower Remedies do not fare well and have been found to have no effiacy in all the clinical trials they have been tested in.

However, I wouldn't completely dismiss them as I believe they can play an important role as a natural alternative remedy in the same way that a placebo does. If someone believes they can help, sometimes this is enough to change one's mental state in a positive manner, and as Bach Flower Remedies have no side effects, they are safe to at least try. I'll leave you to decide!

Bach Flower Remedies are available from various stockists including

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