Summer Skincare: Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set review

Saturday 11 June 2022


Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set review
Following on from my feature on the Ayurvedic natural skincare brand, Soul Tree (check out that post here if you missed it!), I'm delighted to explore more from the range with this exciting Everyday Radiance Gift Set. Perfect for summer!

Summer is a great time to take the opportunity to look after your skin more. Not only are we more conscious of ourselves during the warmer months with all of those holiday photos and selfies popping up on social media, but those sunnier days make us feel like the days are longer and we have more time to enjoy our skincare routines.

Soul Tree's Radiance Gift Set is an interesting one as it comprises of a mini Radiance Face Oil and a beautiful Kansa Facial Massager tool, all packed up in a reusable cotton drawstring pouch.

Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set review
Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set review
Kansa Facial Massager
If you're really into your anti-ageing skincare routines, a high-quality facial massager is an absolute must-have in your daily kit. Most of my massaging tools are either electrical or are Gu Sha orientated (made of either solid Rose Quartz or Jade stone) so I was intrigued to try out this Kansa Facial Massager

Crafted from solid cherrywood and engraved with the Soul Tree logo on one end, this massager features a large metal circular ball end which is made from a combination of tin and copper to encourage healthy blood flow/circulation, remove toxins and boost collagen production. 

I found it incredibly easy to use; first I started with a clean face and applied a couple of drops of the Radiance Facial Oil (reviewed below), lightly patting it into the skin. I started by placing the massager in the middle of my forehead and moving it in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Next, I used the massager from the jawline up to the ear in long sweeping motions and repeated this on the other side. It's also useful for helping to decrease puffiness and dark circles by drawing a figure of eight around the eyes with the massager. 

The metal feels wonderfully cooling on the skin, and it's pretty quick and easy to do!

Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set review
Radiance Face Oil
Created to a strictly 100% certified natural Ayurvedic formulation, the Radiance Face Oil utilises key ingredients such as Saffron and Turmeric, both known for their brightening, hydrating, and regenerating properties. These are infused in a skin-loving blend of Almond, Jojoba and Apricot Oils which help to increase the elasticity of the skin, whilst reducing pigmentation and keeping it healthy and supple.

I love this face oil as it sinks into the skin and delivers a noticeable brightening effect which is ideal for those who struggle with dull or lacklustre complexions. If you need a radiance boost, this is the kit for you.

Soul Tree Everyday Radiance Gift Set* (£44.99, link)

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