Health & Lifestyle: The Fine Bedding Co - De-Stress Biocrystal Bedding for a Better Night's Sleep - One Month Trial Review

Tuesday 7 June 2022


The Fine Bedding Co - Crystal Bedding review
Searching for a new solution to help you to get that good night's sleep that you desperately need? Why not try the De-Stress Biocrystal range from The Fine Bedding Co?

Insomnia has plagued my life since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I've always been a poor sleeper and have found that it's unfortunately gotten worse the older that I get due to the stresses and worries of modern-day life. This perhaps explains why I'm willing to try literally anything to get a good night's sleep! 

In addition to a consistent sleep hygiene routine, I've had some good successes with a number of different products and techniques; from taking specialist supplements, using natural aromatherapy products, to interviewing wellbeing experts for their best-ever sleep tips. 

However, trying out bedding that has been designed to help you de-stress, is a first for me and as I'm always keen to try something new, I couldn't wait to try out these two products from The Fine Bedding Co.

The Fine Bedding Co - Crystal Bedding review
What is the De-Stress Biocrystal range?
This specialist sleep range combines 16 different crystals to bring about an innovation of nature, science, and technology to help promote good quality sleep. A mixture of crystal powder is immersed into the actual fabric of this bedding via the geometric printed pattern that you can see above - how cool is that?! 

These sleep crystals are carefully chosen for their unique benefits to calm your heartbeat, slow down rapid breathing, relax muscle tensions and reduce stress, thus helping you to get a good night's sleep. 

Does it work with my usual bedding?
Yes. Radiating up to a distance of 50cm, the patented Biocrystal technology works through bedding so there's no need to purchase anything else.

Do Crystals Work?
It's not an area that has had much scientific evidence backing it, however, The Fine Bedding Co report the following stats on their website which will be of interest to any prospective customers:-
  • 45% of users experienced decreased pain
  • 53% reported better body circulation
  • 76% of users had an overall improved night’s sleep

I tested out the De-Stress Biocrystal Sustainable Cotton Pillow(£35) and the De-Stress Biocrystal Sustainable Mattress Protector(double size, £77.50) over the course of a month to note down my findings. First up, the high quality of both of these items is fantastic. The materials used are luxurious and the cotton is sustainably sourced, so if you're simply looking for a new pillow and a mattress protector, I would recommend them purely based on that aspect alone.

The Fine Bedding Co - Crystal Bedding review
My Thoughts
I opted for the double-sized Mattress Protector which fitted perfectly and has a lovely, softly padded protective layer. The matching Pillow utilises the same materials with plump Smartfil Microfibres and a soft cotton cover. I particularly loved the Pillow as it was described as 'medium', which meant it was both comfortable and supportive. As normal, I used my usual bedding over the top of both of these and noticed that it didn't 'feel' any different - the geometric pattern that you see above is completely flat and not raised as it may appear.

As I snuggled into bed that first night, I was feeling pretty good after having a relatively relaxed day, and I slept well and woke up feeling refreshed. As the month progressed, I had a number of particularly stressful situations to deal with, and I have to admit that on some nights, I tossed and turned for hours as insomnia reared its ugly head. However, I did experience a higher number of good sleep nights in my sleep journal than the previous month, so I have been wondering whether it's due to the crystals or the softer and cozier feel of my bed? What do you think?

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