Foodie Friday: Chocolate with Health Benefits from The Wizards Magic

Friday 3 June 2022


The Wizards Magic chocolate review
Chocolate, glorious, chocolate! Who doesn't love indulging in a bar of chocolate? Well, how about if that bar of chocolate had health benefits? Yes, really! The Wizards Magic have just done that and waved their magic wands over their amazing bars of yummy chocolate!

Based in York, England, The Wizards Magic has created a scrumptious chocolate bar brand with a difference. Their USP is that their chocolate has superpowers; well, OK, not exactly superpowers per se, but certain health benefits that one might not be accustomed to finding in a bar of regular chocolate.

At the heart of their business is a core of ethical sourcing that works with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to ensure that West African cocoa farmers are protected and supported financially and within their communities. The cocoa beans are then shipped off to Belgium to be crafted into some of the finest bars by expert chocolatiers. 

But back to the magical health benefits...

The Wizards Magic chocolate review

The Wizards Magic has a range of clinically approved chocolate bars that helps to boost immunity, thanks to the addition of carefully chosen essential oils and superfoods such as Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and Coenzyme Q10

Ever curious, I tried two of these bars in the Orange and Caramel flavours; both of which tasted like luxury, high quality milk chocolate. There's definitely a subtle 'tang' to them which I assume is the added vitamins etc, but it doesn't distract from the smooth milkiness of the chocolate which melts in your mouth, and I particularly enjoyed the Caramel flavour which was decadently rich and almost truffle-like.
The Wizards Magic chocolate review
In addition to the Immunity chocolates, The Wizards Magic has chocolate infused with other superfoods like CBD, Lions Mane, Manuka Honey, Wolf Berry and more. 

Dairy-free or vegan? There are some excellent plant-based, dairy-free chocolates available too such as the Orange flavour above (these are packaged in green card to help customers distinguish them from the rest of the range), however, I must point out that these sadly lack the added health benefits. That said, they are some of the best vegan chocolate that I've tried with a base of silky smooth rice milk and a velvety texture.

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