Health & Lifestyle: Revive Collagen - Premium Vegan Collagen Drink Supplement review

Thursday 10 November 2022

 Revive Collagen - Premium Vegan Collagen Drink Supplement review

A couple of months ago, I reviewed Revive Collagen Original Collagen Supplements, and I was asked by a couple of my regular readers if I knew of any vegan-friendly versions. Well, guess what?! Revive has recently launched the world's first clinically proven vegan collagen!

With more and more people turning to a plant-based diet for either personal, ethical, or environmental reasons (or all of the above), it makes sense for there to be a vegan version of pretty much everything out there these days. However, sometimes this takes time to come to fruition, but lo and behold, Revive have well and truly cracked it with a liquid vegan collagen supplement drink. This is currently the only product of its kind in the world which identically mimics human type 1 collagen.

Recommended by the famous consultant dermatologist, Dr. Alhia Ahmed and Harley Street nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr, this new product has been clinically proven to work in trials with 80% of participants saying it made a noticeable improvement to their skin. In vitro trials also showed that Revive Collagen's vegan ingredients increased collagen production by 134.97% - that's pretty impressive!

What's In It?

Each liquid supplement drink contains 2500mg of Revive's VeCollal Blend which is a 100% vegan-friendly and sustainable alternative to animal-sourced collagen. There's also a whole host of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A (Retinol), B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 (Biotin), B9, C, E, and D3, plus 10mg of Panax Ginseng to help support natural energy levels.

Revive Collagen - Premium Vegan Collagen Drink Supplement review

How To Use

Consume one sachet per day, either direct from the sachet or add it to a small glass of water. This supplement has a pleasant Raspberry flavour so I've been taking it straight from the sachet, first thing in the morning before I eat anything.

Overall Thoughts

I have seen so many people online ask about vegan collagen supplements that it's amazing to finally be able to provide them with a solution, and one that truly exceeds all expectations. Described as 'the most efficacious and bioavailable liquid vegan collagen that exists' – this liquid supplement drink has a 95% absorption rate compared to tablets (30%) and Revive Collagen Vegan’s ingredients bypass digestion so that you reap the rewards quickly and efficiently.

The addition of the Panax Ginseng, along with the spectrum of essential vitamins, makes this what I would call a 'Collagen plus' supplement, and is a worthy addition to anyone's daily routine for better overall skin and health.

Shop Revive Vegan Collagen* (14 sachets, £37.99)
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