Currently Loving: Apostrophal Handmade Necklaces - Black Onyx, Moonstone & Azurite Malachite review

Friday 10 February 2023

Pretty gemstone jewellery is a weakness of mine and I'm utterly smitten with these shiny new purchases from an indie online shop called Apostrophal.

I first came across Apostrophal on Instagram and they are a fairly new company, having started in 2020. They specialise in selling a quirky range of eco essentials and sustainable artisan handicrafts such as jewellery, plant pots, toiletries, bowls, candles, and kitchenalia. Through their online shop, they have created a community that helps to support independent makers and businesses, whilst offering ethical consumers a beautiful edit of handpicked products.

When I saw that they recently had a sale on, I couldn't help but have a good scroll through their site when I was shopping for a friend's birthday gift. As always though, a couple of additional items may have somehow made their way into my shopping basket (I honestly don't know how that happened...oops..),  and I'm now the proud owner of some new handmade necklaces.

Black Onyx Juliet Necklace

Onyx has been a favourite of mine for a very long time and I have a small collection of black Onyx pieces that I cherish in my jewellery box. Symbolising strength and perseverance, Onyx comes from the Greek word of the same name meaning 'claw', 'nail' and veined gem so you can see why it has an established history with the concept of strength in more ways than one. 

Handmade by one of Apostrophal's handpicked artisans Adeline, this necklace features a high-quality black Onyx gemstone in a square open bezel setting. With a multi-faceted surface, it captures the light beautifully. Looks stunning worn on its own or layered with other gold chained necklaces.

Moonstone Lunar Necklace

The moon has held great significance for many cultures and generations as human beings have looked up into the sky to question the meaning of life and what our place is in the universe. In turn, the Moonstone gem represents a connection to the divine feminine, linking the moon with cyclical changes, fertility, hope, and new beginnings. 

Composed of a lunar-shaped smooth white moonstone, if you look carefully, you'll see a protective Eye engraved into the stone itself. Also made by the artisan Adeline, this unique necklace is a sublime statement piece.

Azurite Malachite Necklace

My last pick is this captivating Azure Malachite. I'll have to admit that whilst I was already familiar with the meanings of the gemstones above, it was simply the beguiling colour of Azure Malachite that made me choose this piece of jewellery. 

I was pleased to discover that Azure Malachite is not just a pretty gem. It's linked to restoring Chakra balance, invoking calm feelings, and a reduction in anxiety, as well as being seen to drawing out negative energies from the body. For those interested in the concept of an 'ego death', it's believed that Malachite can help to dissolve egocentric personality traits such as arrogance. Interesting!

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