3 Of The Best Bubble Bars from Lush | Sleepy, Rainbow & Creamy Candy review #PlasticFree

Monday 13 February 2023

3 Of The Best Bubble Bars from Lush

Colourful, plastic-free, and zero waste, Lush's Bubble Bars may not be as famous as their bath bombs but they are a more affordable option for those fun, indulgent bathtimes. Don't tell anyone, but I actually prefer the bubble bars over the bath bombs... and here are three of my favourites!

What Is A Bubble Bar?
First things first though, if you're not a Lush addict (or a Lushie as the fans are fondly known), you may be thinking, what exactly is a bubble bar? Good question! A bubble bar is very similar to a bath bomb in that it's solid and concentrated, however, the main difference is that they've been designed to be easily broken off into pieces so that you can crumble a chunk at a time under a running tap. 

This is why they work out more cost-effective than a bath bomb; you can get several baths from one bubble bar, whereas most people will throw in a whole bath bomb into the tub (of course, there are some Lushies break up the bath bombs to get more uses out of them but I'm talking in general usage terms here).

Lush currently has around 20 different bubble bars in their range and in true Lush fashion, there are seasonal Limited Edition creations that pop up throughout the year. If you're new to Lush's bubble bars, here are three of my favourites which are available all year round.

Lush Sleepy Bubble Bar review
Lush Sleepy Bubble Bar (200g, £6.50)

With my obsession for any kind of product that helps me to sleep, the aptly named Sleepy Bubble Bar was always going to be high up on my favourites list.  Sleepy is a beautiful cloud-shaped bubble bar with lots of purple and pink colours swirled together. It smells sweet and comforting thanks to Lavender essential oil and Tonka Absolute, with a little Ylang Ylang thrown in for good measure. When crumbled into your bath, the water will transform into a gorgeous pinky-purple shade with lots of bubbles. The perfect bubble bar to use before bedtime!

Lush Rainbow Bubble Bar (200g, £6.50)

If you want something more uplifting for a weekend morning bath, you can't go wrong with Rainbow. This substantially chunky bubble bar always cheers me up whenever I see it, although I will say that the rainbow colours don't always translate well in the bath water. By this I mean, you can sometimes get some interesting reds and oranges coming through, and other times they have merged together to result in an unappealing dark, muddy yellow shade - but don't let this put you off! The citrusy scent of Rainbow is what keeps me repurchasing this one and not that bath art, as I love the vibrant notes of fresh oranges and lemons.

Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (100g, £4)

Although it may be one of the smaller bubble bars that Lush produces, Creamy Candy is a must-have for anyone who loves Lush's sweeter fragrances. I also find that it seems to be more concentrated than other bubble bars in the respect that a small amount produces a mountain of bubbles. The pretty pink bathwater feels oh-so silky like you're bathing in the softest candyfloss and you'll emerge smelling of vanilla, sugary almonds and a hint of bubblegum.

Shop the full range at lush.com

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