Bank Holiday Treats | 4 Products To Try This Month from Suntribe, PMD, Upcircle & Wunder Workshop

Friday 5 May 2023

4 Products To Try This Month from Suntribe, PMD, Upcircle & Wunder Workshop

If you're feeling spendy and fancy treating yourself over the long weekend, here are four products that I've been loving lately from Suntribe, PMD, Upcircle, and Wunder Workshop. Why not give one of them a try?

Suntribe Active Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 review
Suntribe Active Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50* (100ml, £19.99, link)
Sunscreen is an obvious skincare staple at this time of the year but if you've been struggling to find one that's 100% natural, Suntribe is here to help. The Swedish brand have recently released a brand new addition to their range; the Active Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 and this ticks a lot of boxes that I tend to look out for. 

First up, it's 100% natural, cruelty-free, water resistant, and reef-safe, so it's a positive choice to opt for if you love swimming in the sea as much as I do. The certified broad-spectrum, mineral-based formula protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays meaning that you're fully protected, and it features an innovative combination of these mineral UV filters and Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil which helps to reduce the annoying 'white cast' that sunscreen can give off. To top it off, this sunscreen is packaged in a plastic-free 100% biobased sugar cane tube too - is there any box that it doesn't tick?! 

PMD Clean Acne reviewPMD Clean Acne* (£209, link)
This next product is certainly an investment piece, however, I've been putting it to the test for nearly six weeks now and I can say it's definitely worth the money. If you have acne/and or blemish breakouts, the PMD Clean Acne is a must-try. 

This smart facial cleansing device uses PMD's trademarked SonicGlow technology to deliver a really deep cleanse on one side (first photo with the silicone head), and on the reverse, you'll find its medical-grade Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatment side (as shown above), which helps to treat mild to moderate cases of acne and blemishes. I'm a big fan of the PMD Clean range and feel this product really steps up the mark with such a clever 2-in-1 device that you can add to your daily skincare routine. It's super easy to use and comes with everything that you need (a USB charger, goggles to wear when using the Blue Light side, and a handy travel case). 

Upcircle Face MaskUpcircle Face Mask* (60ml, £20.99, link)
Face masks are a great way to give your skin some TLC, especially during a long Bank Holiday weekend and I've been particularly enjoying using this one from Upcircle. This is a truly lovely brand to look into if you haven't heard of them before as everything that they produce is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and sustainable. They use key ingredients that are by-products from the food industry that would normally go to waste which is brilliant to see, plus I love the luxe glass jar packaging.

It's not surprising then to hear that this Face Mask has won a number of awards in the revered green beauty world and was also a finalist in the prestigious Vogue Beauty Awards back in 2020. With a Kaolin Clay base and natural ingredients such as Olive Powder (made by finely grinding discarded olive stones that are a product of the olive oil industry), this is a fantastic detoxifying treatment for all skin types, but is especially useful for oily and combination complexions which are prone to breakouts.

Wunder Workshop Organic Golden Tumeric TeaWunder Workshop Organic Golden Tumeric Tea* (70g, £7.50, link)
Lastly, I have a new healthy tea favourite to share with you all from Wunder Workshop which does a fabulous line of ethically sourced well-being teas and health supplements, all of which are packaged so beautifully. 

Their Organic Golden Turmeric Tea is a wonderfully restorative Ayurvedic loose-leaf blend featuring Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass, and Ceylon Cinnamon. Naturally caffeine-free, this refreshing herbal infusion has a delicious earthy sweetness to it which I find quite addictive and it makes for a lovely post-dinner cuppa. 

What products have you treated yourself to?
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