NOTD: MAC - Formidable

Monday 8 August 2011


When MAC released their Venomous Villains, there was one item that I wanted more than any of the others and that was this nail polish called Formidable. It sold out super fast and I missed out on it first time around but managed to pick up a bottle in a recent swap! Formidable is an amazing purple plum/blue/silver mixed galaxy of awesomeness and a stand out colour in my nail polish collection.
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  1. Oh I'd never think to go to Mac for nail varnish! The colour is gorgeous, it'll be perfect in winter too :)

  2. looks lovely :D

  3. @Shanice - This is my first MAC polish, didn't chip for two days so they're not bad! I agree, it's a lovely Winter colour :)

    @MissMathful - thanks :)

  4. Ah Mac has never been my go - to for nail varnish. I need this colour in my life. Love the cosmic effect.

    Helen, X

  5. I'm so jealous, I'm so desperate to get my hands on some of the venomous villains collection !
    This colour looks immense
    <3 x

  6. @Laura - I was really lucky to get this, try eBay or some swap sites like BigWardrobe, Specktra and Makeup Alley :) x


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