NOTD: Zoya - Jem

Monday 26 September 2011


Here's that gorgeous Zoya nail polish that I received in my Boudoir Prive box. I absolutely love it. It's a bit similar to my favourite nail polish of last month, Mac's Formidable, but with a warmer red and gold undertone of shimmer. Formulation wise, it's really good too.
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  1. ohhh i really want this now, it looks lovely... grrr i wish zoya wasnt so difficult to get in the uk :S

  2. Ahhhh, this looks so lovely, I'm gonna have to get a bottle!! <3 xx

  3. Hi Katie,

    That's gorgeous and it's the one I wanted but I got NEEKA and I already have it, I also have A-England's Lady of the Lake which is similar also. Oh gosh I'm so jealous you got Jem, I really wanted that one or Tao, Marina, Cynthia or Yara.

    If anyone has any of those shades from Boudoir Prive box and wants to swap with my NEEKA please get in touch @aussiegirlblogs on Twitter.


  4. what a nice blog with beautiful pictures and reviews! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  5. Gorgeous! That's the colour I wanted to receive. :(

  6. @MissMathful - I know! I'm tempted to pick up a couple from eBay x

    @Laura - it's amazing!

    @Karen - Oh no! It sucks getting stuff you already have, hope you can swap it. Have you tried the Facebook page for the Glossybox swaps? I've seen a few people swapping Boudoir Prive bits on there as well as on x

    @Lola - thanks! :) x

    @Alex - Which one did you get? They seem to have sent quite a few different shades out x

  7. That looks so lovely, I like the gold running through it!

  8. @Sophie - me too, gives it that special touch :) x

  9. I received the other purple - Neeka.


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