June Empties / Products I've Used Up

Sunday 30 June 2013

I've done well with my empties again this month - click below to find out which of these I'll be repurchasing in the future, and which ones will be staying permanently in the recycling bin.

Lush Fairtrade Foot Lotion
Love this stuff!  It makes my feet soft and keeps them supple and smooth.  Plus the spearminty formula is fab for deodorising feet that have been walking around all day.  An all time favourite mine.  Repurchase? Yes. 

Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Foaming Shower Gel Sensation
Wasn't a fan of this as I found it too drying to use as a daily shower gel, so I ended up using it as a shaving foam instead.  On a positive note it lasts absolutely ages, so if you do like these sorts of products, they're great value for money.  Repurchase? No.

The London Oil Company Coffee Bum Bum Body Oil* - (review)
Lovely sample to use, the oil isn't that greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.  Can't comment really on its effective on cellulite, but can say it made my bum and wobbly bits feel much smoother.  Repurchase? Maybe.

Evolve Daily Detox Facial Wash* - (review
I'm sure this will be ideal for those with very oily skintypes, but I found it too stripping for my combination skin (in that it severely dried out the drier areas).  Used it every now and again when my skin was feeling particularly oily though and it was OK, but it's not something I could use everyday.  Repurchase? No.

Tisserand Awakening Shower & Bath Wash - (review)
The scent of this is amazing due to the blend of essential oils in it - it's very refreshing and invigorating so perfect for sleepy morning showers.  The formula is sadly a little on the thin and runny side, so it didn't last as long as I hoped it would.  Repurchase? Maybe if I saw it on offer.

Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Make-Up Remover* - (review)
Wanted to like this because it's natural and such a good bargain buy, but it just doesn't remove waterproof mascara at all.  Definitely give it a go if you don't wear much waterproof make-up though, because it removes everything else around the eyes quite well.  Repurchase? No. 

Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream - (review)
Have raved about this many times, partly due to it's gorgeous, uplifting scent.  If you like citrusy things, you need to try this!  Makes my hands lovely and soft too, what more could you want?  Repurchase? Yes, already have another on the go from my stash.

What beauty products have you used up this month?

Feel free to link to your empties posts below!

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  1. Some of these products sound lovely, especially the foot lotion x

  2. Ah I love the bee lovely hand cream too, knowing it goes towards a good cause is any better xxx

  3. I don't wear waterproof mascara, so I might look into the Amie make up remover :) x

  4. Oooh going to look into the Lush foot lotion, never thought of looking there for foot cream (duh!) x

    1. Pop in and ask them for a free sample of it to try! x

  5. I love the hand cream and now want to try the Lush Foot Lotion x


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