Budget Beauty: You Beauty Discovery Box - August 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014

A picture of You Beauty Discovery Box  August 2014
After a little delay, my You Beauty Discovery Box has finally arrived, and yet again I'm so impressed with how much has been crammed into one little box.  This month's is literally full to the brim!

For my August box I chose the following 2 products:-

Eucerin Mattifying Sun Fluid for Face SPF 30 (full size, £15)
Initially I wanted to pick the JustBe Botanicals Hydrating Serum, but it had already sold out by the time I logged into the website, so I opted for this instead.  I don't think you can ever have enough sunscreen in your life and I'm trying to get into the habit of applying it everyday as part of my morning skincare routine.  I haven't had chance to try this out yet, but I like its mattifying claims so I'm hoping it's going to be good.

Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Treatment Masque (100ml, full size is 300ml for £26)   
I've tried some of Louise Galvin's haircare before and really liked it, so I was so happy that I managed to snag this Sacred Locks Masque before they all sold out.  This hair mask is free from SLS, Parabens, PEGs, Silicone, Petrochemicals and Polymers and instead is full of natural ingredients such as Kukui and Rapeseed Oils, plus Vegetable Proteins, to deeply nourish dry hair.  I can't wait to try this out!
A picture of You Beauty Discovery Box  August 2014
YBD also included 4 extras this month:-

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum (2ml) and Jimmy Choo Man Eau De Toilette (2ml)
I've passed both of these onto my housemates who were very happy to receive them being big Jimmy Choo fans, but for me personally the women's fragrance isn't my thing.

FaceD 3-Luronics Cream Serum (2ml)
I've seen some hype recently for this brand, and this cream serum promises to instantly reduce the visibility of wrinkles from the first application which is a bold claim to make!  I will be forwarding this onto my mum as she loves to try out the latest products for anti-aging.

4 Way Nail Buffer - always handy to have!

To find out more and to sign up, visit http://www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk/members-box 

Did you get a You Beauty Discovery Box this month?

Which two products did you choose?

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  1. OOh that mask sounds lovely! I really need to sign upto You Beauty Discovery xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  2. I went for the Louise Galvin too and so far I love it! I didn't like the FaceD 3-Luronics though, it felt really rubbery on my skin, it was bizarre!

    1. That's great, happy to hear you love the hair mask! I'll have to forewarn by mum about the FaceD then, doesn't sound so good :( x

  3. Love the sound of that mask! xx

  4. I was really pleased with my box this month! x

    1. Such a good selection to choose from again, although I wish things didn't sell out so fast! x


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