July Favourites

Monday 3 August 2015

July Favourites
My July favourites feature a whole host of new beauty discoveries which I have been loving over the past month and are all products that I haven't featured on here before, so enjoy reading!

Aveda Thickening Tonic* (100ml, £19, link)
One of Aveda's latest releases, their Thickening Tonic is amazing and I don't say that lightly. I'm always on the quest for products that will help bulk up my fine hair and this does exactly what it claims it will do.  It's like a leave-in conditioner that you spritz all over your hair after washing and towel-drying.  I like to blow dry mine so I'll use this before and voila, hello fuller, bigger hair! The results are of course temporary, but I absolutely love seeing the difference this makes to my hair.  It's also 97% natural and smells gorgeous.

Nude Progenius Rescue Oil (from last month's You Beauty Discovery box)
I've wanted to try this for ages and I can now see why so many skincare fans say it's one of their favourite face oils.  This rescue oil is a total skin saviour and the ideal companion if your skin is a bit temperamental and prone to flare ups and breakouts like mine is.  It soothes, hydrates, brightens and transforms your complexion overnight which is also great for a quick facial fix after a long week.

Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Hydrating Mist* (100ml, £14.95, link)
It's been quite hot and humid recently, so I've been reaching for this lovely toning mist from Botanicals to help me cool down.  Made with 100% organic natural ingredients, it has key ingredients such as Chamomile to calm irritated skin, anti-oxidant White Tea and fresh toning Mandarin to keep skin happy.  It's a handbag friendly sized bottle so great to use on the go and for popping into your holiday travel bag too.

Treaclemoon My Coconut Island Bath & Shower Gel* (500ml, £2.99, link)
Nothing quite smells like summer than coconuts and this bath and shower gel from Treaclemoon has a delightful sugary sweet coconut scent.  It comes in a huge budget friendly bottle which will last months and months.

The Moroccan Argan Oil Co Argan Oil* (50ml, £14.99, link)
I always have Argan Oil in my bathroom because it's a great multi-purpose oil that can be used on face, body and hair.  My favourite ways to use it are as an intensive hair treatment and as a face oil. This one from The Moroccan Argan Oil Co is 100% pure and cold pressed, ecocert approved and comes in a convenient spray or dropper format.

Fake Bake Instant Self-Tan Mousse* (120ml, £16.20, link)
I couldn't have a July Favourites without a self-tanning product included, so this month my self tan of choice is Fake Bake's exceptional Instant Self-Tan Mousse.  Super easy to apply, you just pump it out into your hands (remember to wear gloves or a tanning mitt!) and it glides on smoothly when you rub it into the skin.  It tans instantly so you can see where you have applied it and it delivers a natural looking, streak-free finish with a better than average self-tanning scent.  

What beauty products have you been loving lately?

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  1. I got given a Treacle Moon scrub at an event yesterday. It smells amazing so I would love to try out more from them. Coconut sounds right up my street!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Ooo I didn't know they did scrubs - hoping they have a coconut one now! x

  2. Nice favourites! I've been using the lemonade scent of the Treaclemoon shower gel, which is also lovely for this time of year! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  3. I love Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Hydrating Mist! It's one of the best toners I ever tried and want to buy it again in the future to treat myself again..
    If I was to choose one of the beauty products I've been loving lately, it must be OMG serum from LJ's Natural - it's great for my combination skin (I use it in the evening and I wake up with nice, soft skin, any breakouts and redness reduced).

    1. It is a gorgeous toner, I can see why it's one of your favourites! I'll have to have a look into that serum, sounds perfect for me :) x

  4. I haven't used anything from Treaclemoon for ages but I used to be obsessed with their products, I love that coconut scent! xx


    1. I'm quite new to them but I love all the different scents they do and they're so affordable! xx

  5. Oooh that shower gel sounds lovely! I love the smell of coconuts - it's such a summery scent!

    Dannie x

    1. Definitely, I'm a sucker for anything coconut scented! x


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