Luxury Green Beauty: SAMAYA Kapha Hydrating Cleanser & Anti-Ageing Cream review

Saturday 21 January 2017

SAMAYA Kapha Hydrating Cleanser & Anti-Ageing Cream review
Late last year I raved about a wonderful facial oil that featured in my October Favourites from a luxury natural brand called SAMAYA. To trial more of a complete skincare routine from them, I decided to try out the cleanser and moisturiser from the same range, which I've been using for just over five weeks now.

SAMAYA are a skincare brand who are all about products that create the right balance for your skin, and your overall health and wellbeing. Their all-natural formulas are based upon Ayurvedic principles, which use specially selected herbs and natural ingredients to balance your 'dosha'. There's a huge amount of literature available online that goes into more detail about Ayurveda and Doshas, but this video on Youtube here, sums up the very basics about the different Dosha types in relation to your body and personality traits. With regards to matching this up with how it can help you to understand your skin type, you can take a little quiz on SAMAYA's website to find out your Dosha here.

Mine has been identified as 'Kapha' and this was a perfect match as it covers skin types which are oily/combination, and that have a tendency to get clogged pores/breakouts when their skin and health is out of balance. As I mentioned earlier, I've been currently using SAMAYA's Kapha Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil with good results, so I was curious to try out the matching cleanser and moisturiser.
SAMAYA Kapha Hydrating Cleanser & Anti-Ageing Cream review
SAMAYA Kapha Hydrating Cleanser* (100ml, £69, link)
SAMAYA's packaging is beautifully luxe, with its simple and elegantly clean and crisp, white frosted glass bottles, and I'm pleased to say that the contents are just as beautiful. I've been using the Hydrating Cleanser in the mornings, and it has a wonderful silky texture that's easy to massage into the skin. There's a whole range of natural ingredients included, ranging from the well known such as Aloe Vera (antibacterial, soothing), Sandalwood (astringent, antimicrobial) and Frankincense Oils (purifying), to more exotic herbs like Ashwagandha Root (known as Indian Ginseng) and Gotu Kola Oil (anti-flammatory). Each ingredient adds its own benefit to the cleanser, which leaves my skin feeling thoroughly clean and refreshed, but without being tight or stripped afterwards. I've also used on occasion in the evenings, and it will happily remove the majority of my makeup in one sweep with a muslin cloth or flannel. Though I do feel it's just too nice to use as a makeup remover alone, so it's definitely more of a morning luxury for me.

SAMAYA Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream* (50ml, £89, link)
The matching face moisturiser features a lot of the same ingredients that form the core of this Kapha range, and it shares the same natural scent which is fresh, herbal and quite earthy. The moisturiser has a lovely consistency that absorbs easily into the skin, and it instantly smoothes and hydrates like a dream - great for using in the morning before applying makeup. It is very moisturising though, so a little definitely goes a long way. I think this may be too heavy for me to use during the Summer months, but during this cold wintry weather, my skin has been lapping it up!

Summary: If you've got the cash to splash and you're into Ayurvedic skincare, I have no doubt that you'll love SAMAYA's products, and will find them a worthy investment to your skincare routine. 

Do you use any Ayurvedic products?

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