June Empties: Products I've Used Up

Monday 6 July 2020

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
I know, I know, I'm a bit late with my Empties post again, but here they are! My little wicker basket has been filled once again with all things beauty that have come and gone in my bathroom recently. Here are my thoughts on the ones that I'll be repurchasing again and the ones that might not have made the cut.

Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm* (reviewed here)
It's been a while since I last used up a lip balm and this Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm has been the one that I've had on my bedside table for the last few months. I'm a huge fan of the Hurraw! Lip Balms and this Moon version simply has some relaxing essential oils added to it, so it's lovely to use before going to bed. Repurchase? I have a bunch of opened lip balms that I need to use up first, but I'd be more than happy to purchase this again in the near future.

Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray* (link)
I was recommended to try this by a friend when my eczema was flaring up as my skin wasn't tolerating my usual thick creams and ointments. Instead, the Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray is a light spray-on moisturiser and it absorbs quickly. It's 98% natural and steroid-free so it's a great option for those who are looking for a more natural alternative to soothing their eczema problems, and it can be used for psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and any dry, itchy skin complaint. Repurchase? Yes, I really loved the convenience of the spray bottle and how fast-acting and effective it was. 

Laponie Balance & Prep Toner Spray (link)
I can't remember which beauty box this came in, but I do know that this is a gorgeous Laponie Balance & Prep Toner Spray and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it as part of my morning skincare routine. It's fragrance-free and specifically formulated for sensitive and problem skin. Repurchase? Laponie is a Scandinavian brand and I don't think I've seen them for sale in the UK sadly, but I'd love to try more from them if they do decide to come over here in the future.

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
Evolve Organic Beauty Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream (link)
My sister bought this for me a couple of months ago when she purchased a few products from Evolve Organic Beauty that I'd recommended to her online, and I absolutely love it. Being a massive fan of their skincare (check out my reviews of Evolve Organic Beauty here), I hadn't realised they had a deodorant in their range so it was a brilliant find. Evolve's Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream reminds me of Aurelia Botanical Deodorant in terms of consistency and how gentle it is for sensitive skin, so if you're a fan of that one, you'll love this just as much and it smells so clean and spa-like! Repurchase? I'm actually using the Aurelia one at the moment, though I will happily buy this again.

Tropic Skincare Glow Berry Brightening Serum(reviewed here)
If a Vitamin C infused serum is on your shopping list, Tropic's Glow Berry Brightening Serum is one that I'd highly recommend trying. Used regularly, this serum delivers a noticeable brightening difference to dull complexions and I always feel that my skin looks 'healthier' when I've been using it. You do need to store it in the fridge though as it has a lot of active ingredients. Repurchase? Already have.

P'URE Papaypa Ointment(reviewed here)
A multi-purpose staple, I've gone through at least three or four tubes of this stuff over the years and I always have one open somewhere. If you haven't tried it before, P'URE Papaya Ointment is a brilliant product that you can use to soften and instantly hydrate any dryness, so it's great for lips, feet, hands, cuticles etc, and I know a lot of new mums who have used it to soothe sore nipples when they've been breastfeeding. 100% natural and one tube lasts ages as you only need to use a tiny amount each time. Repurchase? I have the bigger sized tube currently on the go!

June Empties: Products I've Used Up
My. Haircare Rescue My Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar(reviewed here)
My hair is notoriously fussy when it comes to shampoo bars and I've tried loads of different brands in the past, most of which have been disappointing. Thankfully though, my fussy hair loves this Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar from My Haircare as it gently cleanses my scalp, removes all traces of dirt, pollution and product build-up, and doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped or ultra-dry afterwards. It's free from sulphates and silicones, plus it's vegan-friendly. One bar has lasted me about 3 months and I usually wash my hair twice a week. Repurchase? Definitely.

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm (link)
I was very kindly sent this by a reader who responded to one of my Instagram posts about anxiety and I felt really touched that she chose to not only purchase this for me, but also that she shared her own story about dealing with anxiety so that I didn't feel alone when I was dealing with a lot of stress earlier in the year. Calm Balm is an aromatherapy balm that you can apply to your pulse points and temples to help you to relax as it has a soothing natural fragrance thanks to a clever blend of essential oils. I found it very useful and it's something that I'll certainly keep on my desk to add some calm to my day. Repurchase? Yes.

Lavera After Sun Lotion(reviewed here)
With the recent heatwaves that we've had in the UK, Lavera's After Sun Lotion has been a must-have. This is a lovely cooling and hydrating lotion for anyone who enjoys the sun (with SPF of course!) and you get a huge tube for less than a tenner so it's a really good affordable option for families who want to use something that's more natural. I think this is the third tube that I've used up and you can also use it as an everyday body moisturiser in the summer months. Repurchase? Definitely.

P.S - How To Recycle Your Beauty Empties!
All of the glass and easy-to-recycle plastic PET empties will be put into my council's blue bin kerbside recycling scheme, but for the harder-to-recycle stuff, I will be:-
  • Recycling the pumps, lids and atomisers with Neal's Yard Remedies - more info at the bottom of their website here.
  • Recycling any other products that my local council doesn't accept, such as flexible plastic tubes at The Body Shop, L'Occitane or with Garnier's Terracycle partnership - more info here.

What have you used up recently?

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