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Tuesday 30 March 2021


Turmeric lattes have been trendy for a while now, but if you're short on time or don't want to make your own, ZOJO have a luxury ready-made version just for you!

I first discovered Turmeric Lattes a few years ago when I was reading up on Ayurveda. This popular health drink has been widely used for centuries across Asia and is more commonly known as 'golden milk'. Traditional recipes mix a little turmeric powder with steamed cow's milk, along with other specially chosen spices and natural sweeteners for an instantly comforting and nourishing drink.

Nowadays, you're likely to see Turmeric Latte or Golden Milk popping up on the menus of artisanal coffee houses as a caffeine-free alternative, and the option to veganize it by using non-dairy milk is quickly overtaking its mainstream counterpart.

You can make your own Turmeric Latte at home (check out my recipe which is adapted from Jasmine Hemsley's East By West cookbook here), however, for those who are looking for a convenient ready-made version, look no further.

ZOYO Beauty Elixirs have created the Golden Adapto Latte, a Tumeric Beauty Drink full of healthy benefits for the skin and body. 

What's it made of?
This award-winning drink is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free from gluten, lactose, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. The base is Organic Coconut Milk Powder, with Organic Turmeric, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Organic Black Pepper. There's also Organic Tapioca for a little added thickness and Organic Gum Acacia which acts as a natural stabilizer.

What are the health benefits?
Turmeric is world-famous for its natural anti-inflammatory properties and it's packed full of antioxidants to help fight free radicals. It's an amazing ingredient to support a healthy gut and liver function which offers better fat digestion too. The Black Pepper component allows the body to absorb the active Curcumin in the Turmeric so that you can reap all of these benefits in a bio-available format.

How To Use
Add a flat tablespoon (5g) to hot water and stir well. You can use a frother to whizz up more of a latte texture and add a little natural sweetener if desired. 

Overall thoughts
Although this ready-made ZOJO Beauty Elixirs version is an expensive luxury, for those with the cash to splash, it's an ultra-convenient way to keep this healthy drink on hand in your cupboard and it takes seconds to make. The result was a little more watery than I perhaps had anticipated, so you may want to add a dash of non-dairy milk if you prefer your Turmeric Lattes to be more indulgent and 'creamy' in flavour. No amount of sweetener will make you like the flavour of Turmeric though, so I can appreciate that this is a love/hate it kinda thing for many people!

ZOJO Beauty Elixirs Golden Adapto Latte* (80g, £27, link)

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